Saturday, 27 August 2016

The Story of Us - Gallery Wall

Hey there, Niki here again today with another gallery wall project - they are becoming my signature and my house is slowly becoming filled with them! I just love photos and wall art and I want to fill my house with pictures of my beautiful family.

This gallery wall is all about the photos. It features 'selfies' of me and my husband pre-children. I have selfies in quote marks, becuase we've been taking photos of the two of us in this way LONG before they were called selfies - I think we were ahead of our time! Lol

So this wall is called 'the Story of Us'. It starts with a photo of us on our first ever holiday together back in 2005 and ends with our wedding photo in 2010. We have plenty of photos of us around after our wedding and with our children (who pretty much came along straight away) so it is lovely to have a space dedicated to just the two of us, and the fun we had together before holidays changed forever :)

So I've had the photos sorted out in frames for a while now so I just needed to sort the pretty bits to go in between. I decided to stick to silver vinyl and phrases containing the word 'story'. This first one is quite large as it is effectively the title of our wall, whilst the others are quite small, designed to fit amongst the pictures.

I cut the vinyl using the default vinyl settings - I love that this is so easy and that I don't have to think to hard about how to set my machine!

Once eveything was up on the wall I decided that I needed a few hearts to fill in some gaps so I took the heart from one of the cut files above and cut it several times.

Here is the finished wall - it looks fab in real life and is a wonderful addition to my home.

I hope this inspires you to get some photos up on your walls, this gives me such joy every time I walk past it and everyone who sees it thinks it looks amazing (including me lol!)

Designs Used:
Sail Away Font (used for The Story of Us)



  1. Your "photo gallery" wall looks lovely.

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous Niki. We all need to print and frame more of our oodles of digital photos!