Saturday, 10 June 2017

Backfilling an Open Alphabet Font

Hey! Niki here today backfilling an open alphabet font. I wanted to make a multicoloured background using the word 'six' and the number '6' to represent my little girl's recent birthday - she's just turned 6 in case you hadn't guessed!

So I started off by writing 'SIX' and '6' on my mat in AM Playful font which is already an outline alphabet font.

I welded the letters together simply by ungrouping, then nudging the letters together so they overlapped slightly, and then clicked 'weld'. I kept copies of the unwelded letters first though.

I the replicated and arranged as many words and numbers onto my page as would fit, always keeping a copy of anything that was a new size. I then cut the lot outo f pink cardstock.

At this point I had all my outlines cut and I wanted to create and cut all the filled bits for the middles. I selected the letters and released the compound path so that all bits were separate

Once released, I could then delete the inside line and the outside line of any middle sections (with the number 6 below I have removed the wrong part of the middle section, oops!)

Once the middle files were created I could then cut these out of different patterned papers.

I approached this by creating enough letters/words/numbers that I needed. I then separated them onto different mats and cut them out of different sheets of patterned paper. This method was way quicker than hand cutting each letter individually

 This is my finished layout - it's very bright and a bit mad but I love it and it's a great keepsake from her 6th birthday.

Thanks so much for joining me today - happy scrapping xx 

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AM Playful Font


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