Thursday, 22 June 2017

Flocked Heat Transfer Vinyl Cushion

Hello everyone! Marie-Clare here, with a tutorial for a custom cushion using gorgeous Silhouette flocked heat transfer vinyl. It has a gorgeous velvety finish which is very luxurious!

You will need:

Plain cushion cover
Silhouette Cameo
Silhouette Design Studio
Flocked heat transfer vinyl
Design ID #116235
Design ID #133409

Step 1

Choose your design and resize it according to your cushion cover's dimensions. I kept it simple with this beautiful stag design, and the Encyclopedia Town font, both from the Silhouette Design Store.

My vinyl was 9in x 11in so I set my page settings appropriately.

Step 2

Mirror your designs so that they will cut properly on the vinyl. With the stag, it doesn't really matter, but with the writing, I need to make sure it will appear the correct way round!

Step 3

Place the flocked heat transfer vinyl onto your mat. You should place it with the shiny plastic coating face down. The light coloured side which is facing you has a layer of adhesive, which is activated by heat, and the plastic coating is a protective transfer material for the heat pressing process. When you cut your design, you should be able to see it the right way round when you remove it from the mat and look at the shiny plastic!

Cut your vinyl using the default settings for Heat Transfer Vinyl, Flocked. I found that these settings were absolutely perfect for the task - a beautiful cut first time.

Step 4

Weed the vinyl, and position on your cushion cover for a guide.

Step 5

Using a hot steam-free iron and pressure, or a heat press if you have one, press the vinyl onto the cushion cover. If any part of your design are exposed to the hot plates after you have pressed them, use your scrap backing plastic to protect them from the heat.

I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial - it made a beautiful gift for Papa!

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  1. Hi

    What kind of material is your cushion? Do you have any advice on using an iron on linen material for HTV? Which kind of heatpress do you use?