Sunday, 18 June 2017

Making decoupage from a print and cut file.

 Today's project is making decoupage from a print and cut file but also looking at the trace by color feature in  V4
The file I have chosen is a cheeky Monkey just perfect for a child's card.
 This file is a print and cut file but would lend itself well to decoupage. So the first thing we need to do is decide how many layers we are going to have. I think 5 will be right for this image (however we can add or take away a layer if we like later). Select the Image and resize to suit the card you will be putting you decoupage on. Select the replicate tool and make a copy of the image. The first layer will be all the parts of the image and as a print and cut already have cut lines we don't need to do anything to this layer. Our second layer will be the parts that are closer to us than the base image. With a copy of the image use the "ungroup" tool from the top toolbar and select only the cut line and delete it by clicking on the scissors tool in the top toolbar.
 Open the trace panel and select trace by color. Click on the dropper tool and then click on a section of your image. Use the slider bar "tolerance" to adjust which pieces of the image you wish to leave out of the next layer. I wanted to leave out the green balloon so I clicked on it and it traced just the green balloon. Open the Modify panel and click on the "subtract all" button this will separate the green balloon from the rest if the image.
Here I have moved the image away from the cut lines to give a clear view of how the cut line will look.
Repeat this process until you have no cut lines around areas you don't want to appear in your second layer. Select your new cut lines and the colored image below and group together.

Open the "replacate" window and make a copy of the piece you just created. Using the process above remove further pieces of the image that would be at the back of the image.
continue this process until you have created the number of layers you require. By clicking on the send button you can view your progress as to where your cut lines are situated, clicking on the design button you return to the work area to carry out further editing. Any areas that need editing can be adjusted using the "nodes", You will need to ungroup your cut lines from the image to do this.(remember to group them back when you have finished editing).
Use this method to remove any unwanted cut lines, like the highlights on the balloons.

 open the page setup panel and select  "registration marks" this will place marks on you page that your cutter will use to align your cut marks to the printed image.

Arrange the sections of your design on the page ensuring that none of the images overlap the areas where the registration marks are (Any printed image in these areas will interfere with the laser recognizing the printed page correctly). Send you image to your printer. Carry out a test cut on your chosen media type to ensure you get a clean cut.Place the printed sheet on the carrier sheet and load into the cameo. You can now click on the send to cut.
Remove the waste paper from the sheet and proceed to remove the various parts of your decoupage. Use foam pad or dimensional glue to layer up the pieces.
Try shaping the pieces using a ball tool on the reverse of the image for even more dimension. Glaze can be added to areas like the balloons, eyes and nose.

Design ID #149402
birthday monkey girl holding
by Stinkin Cute Paper Piecings


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