Monday, 26 June 2017

String keeper solution

Hello friends!

Maria here with you today with a very quick project. Don't you love it when you can create really functional things with your Silhouette? Yes, making cards, home d├ęcor and scrapbooking layouts is amazing and I love it! but when I make a project that is cute AND functional at the same time, then I feel like my purchase of the Silhouette is totally validated :)

String keeper solution | Silhouette Cameo

So, who else has this problem?

I have bought thread and bakers twine in bulk before from ebay and it's come totally loose, so this project has solved my problem!

What you will need:

- Silhouette Cameo or Portrait
- Cardstock
- Glue
- Baker's twine or thread


This is a very straightforward project, so hopefully you can follow along without any problems! I am using three designs by Planeta Silhouette. They actually have four animals in their string keeper collection, but the fourth was a reindeer which I don't really want, as I have a thing about Christmassy items being used outside the season!

Open your Silhouette Studio and bring your files to the mat. You can do it one by one or bring all three at the same time in case you want to resize them, then you can do them together so they stay the same size.

I do not know how big or small the completed project has to be, as I haven't seen these before in real life, so I am assuming that the size that they come up as is how they are supposed to be. So I am not going to resize them.

I love that the shapes are already coloured as this makes it so easy for cutting and assembling! I am, however, a bit puzzled about the fact that the head shape is doubled up. Surely you can just glue the eyes, nose, etc directly into the background shape? Anyway, I am going to be a good girl and do as instructed as I am sure there is a reason for it!

If you want, you can cut all three shapes in one go. Simply prepare your cardstock, and cut it to size and arrange it on your mat:

The cardstock that I am going to be using for all these shapes is quite heavy, so I have to make sure that my settings are correct before I send to cut. I will also bring the speed down a bit, as the eyes and noses are quite small, and I want them to cut properly.

And once all your shapes are cut, it's time to assemble your cute little animals! Aren't they super cute?

And here they are with the bakers twine around them!

Now, I must confess that I have only made three for the purposes of this tutorial, but I am going to need at least five more for all the thread/bakers twine that I still have loose!

I hope you have liked this project, and read you soon!


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