Friday, 19 January 2018

Place Cards using Glitter Sticker Paper.

Hello, hello - Karen here.  We went to stay with my daughter and her boyfriend after Christmas for a few days and I decided that it would be nice to make a lovely meal as a thank you for their hospitality.

As I had planned to do this on New Year's Eve I made some pretty place cards as a little extra special touch.

First I reduced this design

down to 3 ins wide and removed the text.

I then changed the lines that I wanted printed to blue.

Next I replicated it so that I centred the two shapes.

 I then replicated it so that I had four of the same shape.

Added the names using a sketch pen font and changed the colour to the same blue as used above.

I had forgotten that I needed to make the shapes into cards. To do this I added a rounded corner rectangle to the top of the design, used the rubber to remove the sections I didn't want.  I then changed the lines I wanted scored to green.

 I added a red heart into the centre of each of the hearts on the placecards.

Next,I printed the cards onto glitter sticker paper and then cut them out once from the glitter paper and once fro card.

 Finally, I stuck the sticker paper to the card shapes and I had four very cute place cards.

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  1. These are lovely -the printing on the glitter paper is really crisp.