Monday, 12 February 2018

Easy wipeable magnetic shopping list + bonus Dingbat fridge magnets

Hi everyone. It's Verity here from Pretty Little Button bring you another project. Hope you're week is off to a good start. This is a quick and easy project for you using the Printable Magnetic Sheets from Silhouette. I wanted to create a wipeable shopping list to stick on my fridge, therefore when I run out of an item and I can write it on the list. Then I wont forget what I need when I make a list for my big shop. What's more, I have also included turning some dingbats into decorative fridge magnets. I didn't want all that magnetic sheet to go to waste!

Wipeable Magnetic Shopping list details:

To start off, you will need to add your registration marks to your design area. Also, the magnetic paper measures at 11 x 8.5 so select 'letter' from the size in page setup. Next simply draw out your 'shopping list'. I used a curved oblong shape and then replicated a dotted line to fill the page. I deleted every other one, just to give myself enough room to write. 

For the title, I used a lovely Swift Arrow font which adds arrows to the end of you words via glyphs. It is so easy to do, select the glyph tab on the font box. Then scroll down and select the glyph of your choosing - make sure your cursor is visible in your text box for it to be added.

I set the lines for the shopping list all to a lovely grey and added a thickness of 1, so my dotted lines would print. As I mentioned earlier, waste not want not, so I decided to create some mini decorative circle magnets an inch and half in diameter. For the maroon coloured magnets, I used the gorgeous Sweet Mia font and enlarged the words until they filled the circle. 

For the navy magnets, I wanted to use the fun dingbats by SG Baking Dingbats font. Dingbatas are fun to use and can be accessed just like a glyph - from the glyph tab. Janet has a great post of Dingbats here. For a little added decoration, I added a simple white inner offset circle. 

When you are happy to print your designs out, do so on an inkjet printer - it will not work on laser, and make sure your registration lines are in your printable area. When cutting the circle magnets, ensure the words and dingbats are set to 'no-cut' 

Now I, unfortunately had a little error with my print out - my printer decided to add a few streaks and printed my registration marks up too high up the page. I thought, I can live with the streaks, but my cameo did not like my registration marks. I always have to do manual registration with my machine, and if the area is well lit, I have no problem. However, my machine was having none of it. Whats great about this team, is if you can't find a solution, somebody else will and Janet came to the rescue! Janet suggested moving the sheet down on my carrier mat, to roughly the position it should be, see below. 

Well, it worked and still got great cut lines! As I only had this one sheet, I couldn't re-do, so it was great that it worked! To finish the shopping list off, you need to make the surface wipeable. This is very simple as you just need to lay a sheet of acetate over the top. Cut a piece of acetate down to the same size as your shopping list cut out, and adhere with double sided tape. To cover up your adhesive, cut out a frame the same size as your list. The inner offset tool makes this a doddle. After I had assembled mine, I decided I wanted a white dotted frame, which I could have done with Silhouette Sketch Pens, or the Silhouette Pen Holder. However, I decided this once I had it up on my fridge and drew it on by hand. So, before you cut your frame, think if there is anything else you could add with your other media. 

(Apologies for not photographing these in use on my fridge, my lighting in my kitchen is awful!)

I hope you enjoyed this post and inspires you to create a wipeable magnetic shopping list for your fridge!

Until next time,


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Swift Arrow Font - Rivka Wilkins, Design ID #151175
Sweet Mia Script font - Skyla Design, Design ID #229372
SG Baking Dingbats Font - Sophie Gallo, Design ID #237238



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