Sunday, 11 February 2018

Sundays with Steph - I thought you loved me??


Welcome to my valentines themed blog post! 

So this weeks mild drama was that my beloved Silhouette decided to stop cutting half way through cutting out my background for my valentines layout. When it happened before I unloaded the paper, ripped it off my mat with the hump. After loading new paper I found that when I reloaded it, the machine started cutting half way down the page, so in an even bigger hump, I tore that off too, switched it off and on again and cut from scratch which thankfully worked! 

So I'm still not sure what caused this, but this time I did have my laptop shut and it could have gone to sleep (but I am purely guessing!) so when it happened this time I unloaded the paper and switched it off (calmly) switched it on (also leaving my laptop open and running) re-loaded the paper and it cut the pattern from the middle onwards - yippee!  I used this cut file on my design, stuck it to red card stock and I used one of the frames that I cut last week and covered it with sequins.  I also raised the plane element in this cut file on foam risers to give another dimension to my page.

Well that's all from me this week, until next week, happy scrapping

Steph xx

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