Friday, 14 July 2017

Accordion shadow box card

Hello everyone!

Maria with you today and I have yet another baby card for you... Sorry! It's like all my friends and family are popping out babies recently! (apologies for the crude description! haha)

So this is a very good friend of mine from my university days. We haven't seen each other much in the last decade (the downside of living in different countries!) but we have kept in touch. So I wanted a very special card for her and her new baby, something that she could maybe keep as a small room decoration or keepsake, and I found this gorgeous cut file on the design store.

Please join me in creating this card step by step!

What you will need:

- Silhouette Cameo or Portrait
- Cardstock
- Pattern paper
- Glue


First of all open your Silhouette Studio and bring up your design from your library. I have gone for this baby inspired one, but Carina Gardner, the designer, has got many many more to choose from on the Silhouette Store!

When I opened it, I noticed that it looked a bit too small. The description of the item on the Design Store says that when complete, it will measure 2.25 x 3.25 inches. That is a bit small for me, so I am going to try to make it as big as it will fit!

After enlarging it, I realise that I want to use kraft coloured cardstock for my background as in the sample, but the only card I've got at the moment in that colour is A4 size, so I go ahead and change the page size and rotate my design vertically to fit.

Next it's time to ungroup all the elements of the design, as they are all together and you wouldn't be able to send to cut in the way the design comes.

You can find the Ungroup function on the top bar in your screen, or you can right click and select ungroup.

Now go ahead and select all the coloured shapes and move them out of your mat, so you can send the base to cut.

I only realised until it was too late, but I failed to notice the white part of the horse... that should have been moved too! My design cut well, though, so not harm done.

So simply send every element to cut in the colour cardstock or pattern paper that you would like. And assemble it!

Despite having enlarged my design to fit as big as possible, I still felt that it was very fiddly to put together. My verdict? Only go for it if you have the patience to do fiddly work! I still feel like it's a gorgeous card and I know that my friend will love it.

Here it is!

I hope you have liked it, and read you very soon!


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