Thursday, 13 July 2017

Unclog paper build up in your blade

Gone are the days when we have to spend an hour trying to remove trapped bits of media from out blades.
A while back Silhouette changed the top of the standard blade but it seems it was done so smoothly not many people noticed or perhaps noticed and forgot again.

 Like me have you spent ages with a pin trying to remove little bits from your blade housing? I was so relieved when Silhouette came up with this change to the blade.

I mentioned to a friend the other day to check her blade for any trapped bits of paper to which she replied "and how would I see in there?" in a sort of for crying out loud voice.
I realized not everyone is aware of this The top unscrews to let you clear out any trapped bits! sometimes we forget this simple little trick. My friend replied back to me she couldn't get the top off hers, so I sent her a photo. Turns out she has been trying to take the whole white part off. So in case anyone else is having the same issue here's some photos of how to open the blade housing. Turn your blade down to 0 and grip only the end of the white part of the blade housing. You will see from the photo that there are small dimples on the end cap to help you get a grip. Twist the end cap in an anticlockwise direction until it comes away from the rest of the blade. use a pair of tweezers or another tool to remove and media that may have become trapped.  DO NOT TRY TO USE YOUR FINGERS, the blade is sharp and will cut you. Be gentle during this process so as not to damage the tip of your blade.

When we have the cap opened it's easy to remove any trapped bits and it is also a great way to check the tip of your blade. When you have finished your maintenance remember to tighten the cap firmly as it will affect your cut settings if the cap is not screwed back on firmly. Failure to tighten the end cap securely will result in the blade not extending through the end of the cap to the correct depth. It is worth checking this cap is secure if you are having issues cutting with settings that worked perfectly in the past.


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