Sunday, 30 July 2017

What a Corker - Using Adhesive Cork Sheets

Hello, hello, Karen here. I have had some Silhouette cork sheets waiting for the perfect project for quite some time.  They are smaller than the normal letter sized sheets of Silhouette media that you can buy so I wanted to be economic with how I used them.  This project only used 3 and there are eight 7in x 5in sheets in the pack.  Each sheet is a thin layer of cork with an adhesive backing.  As you would expect with cork, the texture is not smooth and even so I felt it would be difficult to cut intricate shapes using it and you can see that the cork shape below doesn't have clean cut lines.

I decided to cut my embellishments out from Silhouette white adhesive card and to make offset shapes in cork to back them.

Making Your Embellishments

  • I often use the Silhouette software to plan out my layout and this is exactly what I did for this one. 

  • To achieve the correct size for the cork shapes i used the offset option.

  • Once I was happy with the size of the embellishments I divided them into the pieces I wanted to cut from white card and the ones I wanted to cut from cork.

  • To cut the cork ones I drew three rectangles 5in x 7in - to represent the cork sheets, and placed my shapes in those, removed the drawn rectangles and placed the cork sheets in the corresponding positions on my cutting mat. I set my blade to 10 and speed to 1 and double cut.
Once cut, I wrote my journaling, with a Silhouette sketch pen, onto a piece of white card and constructed my embellishments to add to the page. 

I really like the effect of white card on top of the cork and am now planning to make a layout using black card as I think it will be just as striking as the white is in this layout. 




  1. I do not think my comments are going through, so will try one more time. I love this project, thank you for sharing. Kd

  2. cutiepiefromthedesert - thank you for your kind comment, I would recommend getting some of these cork sheets as they are really lovely to use.