Saturday, 1 July 2017

Customised Gift Box Inserts

Hello Janet here again.  Last week I shared a tutorial on making small decal sheets as part of a 'Decorate Your Phone Kit'. Today I have 3 mini tutorials, completing the gift box, showing how to;
  1. make a custom box insert,
  2. make a gift card or sheet holder, and
  3. scan the gift (to use in customising the box insert and making phone cover sheets).

What You'll Need
Silhouette® Cameo
Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition (or above)
3D Foam Tape

(1) Make Box Inserts

With the Scale function it is quick and easy to make a custom insert for your gift box.

Open the file for the gift box. Ungroup and delete the decorative panels.

Duplicate the base and move the lid and one base aside.

Make a smaller copy of the remaining base - Select base > Open Transform panel > Scale tab > reduce Scale to 99% > click Apply.

Bring in an outline of the item you want to hold and display in the box. I used the phone cover outline from (3) below.

Centre it to the base - Select both, open Transform Panel > Align Tab > Centralize

Make the holder so that it comes half way up the sides of the item by trimming the sides to half the height of the cover. Either trim the sides by hand, or do the following:
  • Draw a rectangle to exactly fit the top. 
  • Copy it, and Paste In Front. 
  • In the Transform Panel, Scale tab, add the height of the cover to the rectangle dimensions.
  • Click Apply.
  • Select the new rectangle and the outer shape (ungrouped) and in Modify panel select Crop. 

Delete the excess score lines, cut and fold the new insert, adding double-sided foam tape alongside the opening and place inside the gift box.

(2) Make Sheet or Gift Card Holder

 Make a cutout element to hold small sticker sheets or a gift card.

To make a pair of cutouts to hold sheets or a card (almost anything flat), just draw the element below (shown in the pink rectangle) and resize it to fit your project. Once made, save it as a file in your library to use again.

Draw an ellipse and cut it in half horizontally with the knife tool.  The options in the current version (v 4.0.1014) are displayed below the main menu items at the top left of the screen. Ensure the open knife path is selected (DE and above).

Delete one of the resulting shapes.

Draw a small circle (hold down shift to keep it round).

Duplicate the circle and place it at the other end. Then group it all.

Add it to a rectangle slightly smaller than the box lid.  Mirror the shape and align it to fit the sheet/gift card.

Once cut, place the edges of the sheet/gift card under the flaps and adhere the whole thing to the inside of the box lid.

(3) Make Phone Inserts

Make a number of inserts in rose gold foil to go inside the phone cover.

Scan your phone cover. Save as a jpeg.

N.B. I was able to scan the white liner paper from the phone cover's packaging. Firstly, I drew the holes on it using the phone as a guide, then placed a piece of black paper over the top of the liner to provide contrast. If your cover doesn't have a liner you can draw around the phone and scan that, or you can measure it and reproduce it by using the drawing tools in the software.

Don't worry if it looks a bit ropey, it can be fixed. To trace the scan, open the Trace panel, select Trace, click Select Trace Area and draw a box around the scanned image. If necessary adjust the thresholds until the shape and holes have an outline, then click Select Trace.

Move the original away and release the compound path on the trace. Straighten the image using the rotation handle if necessary, grouping it first, and then aligning it with the corner of the mat.

Draw a rounded rectangle to cover both of the holes. Adjust the corners to fit better by moving one of the red dots.

Delete the original holes. Then Group the remainder, or make into a compound path. Change the page size to Letter (the size of the foil sheets) and fit as many as you want onto the sheet.

Cut from Silhouette Rose Gold Printable Foil, now called 'Foil Printable' in the materials list.  Carry out a test cut to cut right through (a kiss cut not required here). The Default is 5/5/33, I reduced the thickness/pressure setting as shown below.

The outline can also be used to make the customised insert in (1).

I hope you find these mini-tutorials useful. They are easily adapted for all sorts of presentation boxes and gifts.

Bye for now,

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  1. Such a detail tutorial. Thank you for sharing.

    1. You are welcome Laine. Thank you for leaving a comment.