Sunday, 23 July 2017

Scrapbooking layout with regular polygons

Hello Silhouette friends! Maria here with you today with a very quick scrapbooking layout.

When people are considering buying a Silhouette machine, one of the arguments against that I hear the most is that people have already invested money in manual cutting machines, dies and punches, and they can't justify spending money in another machine. Well, if we forget the fact that you can do so much more with your machine,  if you are really into dies and craft punches, there will always be a shape that you haven't got. And here is where the Silhouette comes in so handy. You can create geometrical shapes so easily!

For today's layout I wanted pentagons. I saw a very similar layout on Pinterest recently and I got a bit sad that I didn't have any dies in that shape. I have circles, squares, hearts... but not pentagons! But I didn't need be sad, as the Silhouette came to the rescue!


Open your Silhouette Studio and figure out which shape you want to create. On the right hand side of your screen is the option for drawing regular shapes and circles. You can choose as many sides as you want for your polygon. But if you go to over 12 sides, then your shape just resembles a circle, to be honest. So I would say keep it under 8 or 9. I went for 5, but 6 is another very popular polygon in scrapbooking layouts.

Move the slider to the right to increase the number of sides in your polygon.

I have turned the grid lines on my mat, so I can use them as a guide. Once my shape is the right size, I went to the replicate tab and selected fill page.

The way the page has been filled is perfect for using scraps. I happen to have quite a few 6x3 inches scraps from a paper pad, so I will be using those (although I don't end up using all of them on my layout. I have kept the rest for a different project)

For my layout, I am also going to create part of the title with my Silhouette. I am going to use the same font as I used for the baby card I made the other day, which is gorgeous, but it is very thin so you really need to use the offset function after you have welded them!

I welded twice, at 0.1 cm each time, and deleted the original, as I was worried that it wouldn't cut well. The welded versions cut very well!

And here is my finished layout. I hope you have liked it!


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