Monday, 12 March 2018

Faux Wax Seal - Using Sticker paper

Hi everyone. It's Verity here from Pretty Little Button bringing you another project. Today I am showing you how easy it is to create faux wax seals that are modern and sleek. The white printable sticker sheets make this so easy and you can customise you seal to your style using any design from the store. I enjoyed making these so much I made four different designs. So why not give it a go and see what you create!

Faux Wax Seal Stickers details:

First all decided on the size of your seal - I went for a 1 1/4" circle for my seals. Next find a design in the store which would work well with the addition of text. Make sure the design has some 'white space', large enough for text. I choose several designs so I could choose depending on my mood and who I was sending it too. Scale the design down fit inside your circle and colour the deign. Make sure the line of your design does not remain red - this is important as it will make cutting a lot easier later if the circle shapes are the only red lines.  Add text into your design,  you could do 'From the house of' instead of 'From the desk of'. Next, make sure you have added you print and cut registrations marks in for later on.

Once you are happy with the design, you will want to make sure your design is centre in your circle. Highlight the design and text, but do not highlight the circle, and group the design/text.. If you do highlight the circle as well, just hold down shift and click the circle to unhighlight it before grouping it. Now highlight your group and the circle and using the transform panel, click the 'Crosshairs' icon (without the box around it) under the align>centre. This will centre the group design within the circle shape. If you click the 'boxed crosshairs', then it will centre your highlighted objects to the page.

(As you can see, I made a different sticker for Happy Mail, so play around with your designs!)

Now to make multiple copies of your sticker. Select design and circle shape and group this together. Instead of pressing 'ctrl + c' to create multiple stickers, use the replicate function. With your sticker highlighted, select the 'Row of four' in the Replicate>Rows and Columns. This will create 3 more of the shape to the right in a row. As I had made several different designs, I mad sure I had all 4 designs selected before I replicated.

I replicated the designs one more time as there wasn't enough space for more than one. I move this last shape to one side to evenly space the designs out. To create this even spacing, highlight the design in one row and using the Transform panel selecting the horizontal spacing. Repeat this for additional rows.

When you have your page filled, print this out on the Sticker paper and place on your cutting mat.  Now when it comes to cutting your stickers out, I find that cutting by line colour is the easiest. As I said earlier on make sure all your sticker shape lines are set to red and ALL other lines of your design to a different colour. In the line cut window, untick all of the other colours bar the RED colour. AS the red colour is the only colour ticked, the machine will only cut your red lines.

Select 'Sticker paper, White' in the material section and adjust your blade settings. Make sure you to a test cut before hand. It is very important as you want it to cut the white paper, but not the backing paper. You may have to adjust your settings to those suggested as it can vary depending on your lbade etc.

When you send it to cut, the machine should automatically register with the registration marks. Make sure the area around the blade is well lit for registration to work.

These little 'faux wax seals' are so fun and I look forward to using them on all the post I send out! I hope this inspires you to try this out and spruce up your post.

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Skinny minnie font by Lori Whitlock, Design ID #250519 
Fearless font by Rhonna Farrer, Design ID #212848 
Fearless font by Rhonna Farrer, Design ID #212848


Ccrossed arrows frame by Sophie Gallo, Design ID #141785
Fancy scroll address frame by Sophie Gallo, Design ID #146162
Autumn posy wreath or frame by Nic Squirrell, Design ID #155479
Hello circle frame by Paige Evans, Design ID #219453
Fall branch frame by Silhouette, Design ID #229474



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