Monday, 25 April 2016

Scrapbooking with Double-Sided Adhesive Sheets

Hi there, Niki here again today having a play with the ever-so-fabulous Silhouette Double-Sided Adhesive Sheets. These are basically 8.5x11" sheets of double sided tape, that you can run through your Silhouette.  I choose a shape from the Silhouette Design Store '2 Doilies' and arranged those and a title I made (using Font LW Sunshine) onto my cutting mat. I changed my page setup to be 8.5x11" landscape because that was the size of the Double Sided Adhesive Sheet and I wanted to try and get my whole design on one sheet. I then adjusted my cut settings by selecting 'Double Sided Adhesive Sheets' from the list of materials, and I adjusted my blade to the recommended setting. I then whizzed this through the machine and hey presto, I had some double sided stickers to play with!

I made a mount for one of my words, using the Offset tool and cut that out in white cardstock.

And now the fun part: putting my layout together. I wanted to stretch those gorgeous doilies as far as I could so I cut some in half and positioned them going off the page. Once my doilies were in place I peeled off the top protective layer and sprinkled my glitter on top. I have two of the Silhouette Glitter sets - the Bold Colours and the Essential Colours. The pink is from the Essentials as is the silver. The red is from the Bolds. The light pink on the title is a mix of the pink and silver. I couldn't believe how well the glitter stuck to my designs, I thought the crisp edges would get lost but the super-sparkly Silhouette Glitter is quite fine so the edges definitely aren't a problem as you can see!

I will be using a LOT of these sheets in the future!
Happy scrapping xx




  1. Hi Niki, seems like a fun product. Do you have to weed these stickers as you would with vinyl and how are they transferred? Nadine x

  2. Lovely project, and yes, everything SHOULD be shiny!