Thursday, 21 April 2016

Sketch Pens and Glitter!

OK I have a confession to make - I have a whole load of sketch pens sitting on my desk for quite a while now (perhaps nearly a year?!) that I haven't ever opened. Shame on me.  This was my first attempt with them, and as usual I really went for it with a whole page design! I used the cut file 'circle confetti' which is a background of small circles, concentrated at the bottom with a few circles floating up. I turned the file around so the concentrated circles were at the top and set it to draw on a sheet of patterned paper. I chose a pretty silver pen but when the design was finished, the silver was a little too light to show up against the patterned paper.

Instead of disguard the beautiful piece of patterned paper I had drawn faint circles all over, I added wet glue into each circle and sprinkled Silhouette glitter over them. The result in real life is spectacular. The Silhouette glitter is super sparkly so my background paper shines from across the room lol! 

On this close up shot you can see the faint circles and the gorgeous glitter within. I cant believe how effective this accidental technique turned out to be. Such a happy accident!

Happy scrapping
Designs Used:
Circle Confetti


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  1. I love that! I think I need some glitter as I have the pens!