Saturday, 16 April 2016

Using your Silhouette to create templates


Hope you are all enjoying the Blog, I'm blown away by the team's skills and ideas, lots of learning for me. 

Caroline here again with a 12 x 12 scrapbook page made using the silhouette came to create templates.  Wow - try saying that fast five times in a row phew.

This is such a simple tutorial today that can hopefully inspire you to make some great pages for your albums, it is totally inspired by many talented scrapbookers I have seen online.

What you will need:
card stock
washi tape
wet glue

Ok - how to make this:

I started out by choosing a simple shape from the silhouette store, in this case I chose a heart, but any other shapes that were quite simple would have worked just as well. I just can't resist a heart! The reason it needs to be simple is that you will be using it as a template for popping embellishments inside, the more complicated the design is, the harder it is.

Like I said it's a simple shape as that was what was needed for this page, but I have used more intricate shapes and laid the design over the top and it looks fabulous too!

The first thing I did was make the shape nice and large on my page and then cut it...

I set mine to cut textured card stock. The only part of the cut I needed was the outside, which is great as I'll use the actual heart shape on another project!

Firstly lay the outside of the cut on top of another piece of card, I chose white but any colour or pattern would look great. It helps to temporarily secure the two pieces of card for the next bit, so I used washi tape folded over the base piece. Don't worry if you don't have washi as you can hold it in place if you have to. Try and avoid drawing around the shape in pencil as you don't want it to show at the end and it would be very hard to rub out the line afterwards. I intend to also use this piece again afterwards, waste not want not!

Now the fun bit - gather together your embellishments - it could be anything - chipboard shapes, buttons, sequins, enamel dots etc, something with a bit of dimension makes it look more textural and interesting. You could even stick to one colour theme or do an ombre effect.

For me I chose wood veneer shapes as I have lots in my stash that need using up. I just laid them on the design randomly apart from the very centre where I put the little figures and the us shape. The pieces all represent things that are enjoyed and have been done, and yes - more hearts!

At this stage nothing is stuck down, I faffed and shuffled for quite a while making sure that I pushed the embellishments up to the edge and then filled in gaps with smaller stars and hearts. Once they were all in place I used wet glue and worked from the bottom up and then when I thought I had done them all I gently lifted it to check and just a few had been missed so it's good to check.

Now I like it just like this and you could stop here and frame it for the wall, but I wanted to create a layout with mine. I knew I wanted to keep the heart and photo as the focus so I didn't add too much, just a title and a favourite photograph and of course - flowers HA!

Here is the final layout again...

I love how it turned out and I'll definitely be doing some wall art in the same way.

Sooooooo use your silhouette machine to create some great shapes and dig out all those embellishments, grab your glue and have fun!

I hope you found this useful, sometimes the simplest can be so eye catching!

Please leave a comment, it's great to chat to you and I'll be back soon with another tutorial!

C x


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  1. That's a great idea, as I know we all have stacks of small bits and bobs to use up, and the simple shape really shows up well with all the tiny pieces inside.

    1. Yessssss I'm on a mission to use up my bits that have stacked up HA! Thanks C x

  2. Love this Caroline - I am soooooo going to try this x

    1. Hi Karen, I've seen a few people use this sort of technique and it's so lovely! Thanks C x

  3. This is definitely on my to do list

    1. Yes, it's quite funny getting them all just right, but looks so effective! C x