Friday, 13 May 2016

Desk Calendar made with your Silhouette with FREE file

Continuing with my love for office supplies, I wanted to show you how you can make your own desk calendar. Very simple project that you can personalise and decorate in so many ways!

Supplies needed:

Scrapbook paper
White cardstock
Gold Spray
Glitter paper
Silhouette Cameo/Portrait/Curio
HEART Design ID #57836
Free Calendar Inserts .gsd File


A. Calendar Box:

When you open the organizer file, it will look like this:

Remove the parts that you wont need for this project, which would be the card separators and the circles. 

Resize both the box template and the blue designs so the box template covers the page completely.Set the blue designs on the side to work on later.

Set your cut setting for Chipboard and the first part of your design is ready to be cut.

B. Scrapbook decoration for box:

Remove the Box template and add the blue designs.

Choose your scrapbook paper that you would like to decorate your calendar box with and set your cut setting to card stock (Remember to do a cut test, to make sure its cutting properly).

C. Calendar inserts: days, months and weeks.

Download and open the free file design. There you will find four different shapes and sizes. the biggest size is for the month, the second size is for the weekdays and the smallest two rectangular shapes are for the numbered date. 

Open a new page and set the page settings to current printer and add registration marks. Add the rectangular shapes, you wont be able to fit all the shapes on one page, so you will need to do two pages.

Now using the LW Splendid font, add the date, week day and month on each rectangle, using the rotate tool to adjust the text. 

Send to print and cut. Edit text and print and cut, till you have all the days, months and numbers that you need for your calendar.

D. Embellishing your calendar box:

Add the heart design, resize it to fit inside the front piece of your scrapbook cuts. As you are using glitter paper, you might need to set your cut settings back to chipboard to make it easier to cut (do a test cut first).  Remove the scrapbook cut and cut the heart.

2. Assembling your design:

Once you have cut out the calendar box, spray it with gold spray, let it dry for an hour and assemble it using strong type of glue.

Once its assembled and glued, glue on the scrapbook bits to the sides.

Add the inserts cards, first the months, then the weekdays, then the date numbers. In the end glue on the glittered heart on the front.

Your own desk calendar, to have in your office or give it as a gift to a friend or family!




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