Thursday, 26 May 2016

Silhouette Summit 2016 - New Media and Cameo 3 Sneak Peeks!

Hello Everyone! I have been waiting patiently to write this post!

As a crafter this really maxed out my excitement levels when I started getting photos from our sales manager who was there at the summit (even if it was 3:30am!!!) in Hawaii
It is a pretty photo heavy post and I hope you enjoy them! I will try to keep the words to a minimum as I think the photos show you almost everything! 

At the Summit Silhouette America announced the newest addition to the Silhouette family, introducing  the Cameo 3. The Launch date for the machine is 1st August 2016.
Along with the Cameo 3 Silhouette is releasing Silhouette Studio 4.0 along with other new software: Silhouette studio mobile 2.0, pixscan mobile, mint studio mobile, and Silhouette model maker.

The Cameo 3 features a dual carriage similar to the Curio, they have updated the rollers to make them easier to adjust to suit your media, lots of storage for your tools, an improved touch screen which has sound incorporated so you can hear that you have selected something, 2mm cutting depth which will allow you to use the deep cut blade, blue tooth connectivity, and an auto adjusting blade - you tell the software and it will do it for you!

But it's not all about the Cameo 3, Silhouette America have been working on an amazing range of new media for us to play with too!
There are lots of photos and then a full list at the bottom of this post - enjoy!

Metallic Heat Transfer

printable scratch off media, wash away fabric stabaliser, sticker paper sample pack

cork sheets, cameo 2 tote, printable window cling, cutable wood sheets, printable shrink plastic, doming starter kit

Jewellery making kit, gold scratch off media, leatherette sheets, chalk pencils (for your pen holder) blackboard sheets

duct tape sheets, cork sheets, printable vinyl, printable got and silver sticker paper, chalkboard pencils, shrink plastic, gold scratch media, wood paper, rose gold printable foil sheets

Printable vinyl

We hope you enjoyed the photos , we didn't get everything so all the new products are here in a list of all of the products due to be released:
2 new Cameo light totes, Curio Dust Cover, White board vinyl, Printable vinyl, Printable window cling material (white and clear), Duct tape sheets (grey and white), Wood paper sheets (dark,light and grey), Cork Sheets, Leatherette Sheets, Wash-away fabric stabilizer, Sticker sampler pack, Vinyl sampler pack (basic, bright and bold, and natural), Chalkboard Starter kit, Doming Starter kit, Jewelry making starter kit, Shrink Plastic Sheets (white and clear), Clear transfer paper will be replacing the current style, Stencil Material sheets (adhesive and non-adhesive), Metallic Heat Transfer, Metallic Vinyl, Scratch-off sticker sheets (printable and rose gold), Printable rose gold foil, Washi Sheets (updated), Metallic Sketch pens (updated), Natural Sketch Pens, Neon Sketch Pens, Sketch pen starter kit (updated)
Phew! I think that's everything! 
As we get more information I will update you with official photos and dates etc so please watch this space


  1. Super excited about these products and the machine. My Silhouette 1 is working perfectly but I think it'll make a nice pressie for a friend and I can get the 3 as the extra features are exactly what I'm after!

  2. Looks great, but no UK price?? The price has been released in America at $299, what will it be here? Also will the release date be the same for UK as US?

  3. Sounds great, would like to upgrade my Silhouette but living here in Australia it most likely will not get down here till the end of the year.

  4. Will the new products eg corks work with the silhouette cameo 2?

  5. Jeeeeeh now i def need to save for this.