Sunday, 29 May 2016

Dinosaur rhinestone tshirt

My daughter is a bit of a dinosaur fan, and as there is rarely any tops with dinosaur for girls out there (how can girls like dinosaur?? outrageous!) I wanted to make her a rhinestone dinosaur with vinyl writing. Hope you enjoy this tutorial!

Supplies needed: 

Rhinestone Starter kit
Heat Transfer Vinyl in white
DINOSAUR SET Design (ID #23556)

1. Preparing the dinosaur rhinestone design: 

The dinosaur design comes in 4 designs. I wanted to use only one of them, ungroup and delete the ones that you don't want to work with.

  • Resize the dinosaur to fit the template paper size. I put the page settings as A4, landscape. 

  • To turn the dinosaur into rhinestone design. Choose the rhinestone option

  • Choose rhinestone effect to edge, and rhinestone size to 16 ss (this is the size of the rhinestones I had.)

  • Set your cutting settings to rhinestone template material, I found out I needed to increase the cutting blade setting to 7 instead of 6 though. But do a test cut before you send the file to your silhouette and see what works best for you. 
  • Your design is ready to send to your silhouette. 

2. Preparing the text: 

  • Choose the Ld Delightful font, and write RAWR. Resize it to the size you want it to be cut and mirror to your left. Delete the original and fit to fit on your page.
  • Set your cut settings to heat transfer material, smooth. When putting the vinyl to your mat, make sure you put the right side to cut, so its the vinyl thats being cut instead of the transfer paper! 
  • Your design is ready to be sent to your silhouette. 

3. Cutting and assembling your rhinestone design:

  • Once yo've cut your dinosaur design on the template material, you can remove it from its backing (you might have to remove some of the holes with your weeding tool.) 
  • Put your template on the provided backing from your template kit, and use your brush tool to spread the rhinestone in its place on the design.

  • Once you're done, use the transfer paper provided in the kit to transfer it from the template to the t-shirt. Iron it on your t-shirt. And its done! 

4. Cutting and assembling your vinyl text:

  • After you've cut your design, use the weeding tool, remove the extra bits of vinyl.
  • Place your text on your t-shirt and position it where you desire to have it ironed. 
  • Iron it on or use a heat press to attach it to your t-shirt. 
And this is the end result. An adorable tshirt for every dinosaur loving child (or grown up!) out there. 




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