Sunday, 15 May 2016

Glitter is my Signature Colour Wall Art

Niki here with you again today, with another project using the Double Sided Adhesive Sheets. They are basically large sheets of double sided tape which you can run through the Silhouette machine and then peel off the top sheet to reveal sticky surface which you can then cover in something pretty - in my case, usually glitter :)

Today's project was designed to go in a frame that has gone on my craft room wall. I have a bit of a gallery wall thing going on in there but there was one empty 8x8" box frame that needed something to go in it and because I usually scrap in 12x12 size I didn't have anything ready made.

I was looking for some word art to sum me up and came across 'Glitter is my Signature Colour' in the Design Store - perfect!!

I opened it up in Silhouette Studio and re-sized it to a size that would fit in my frame. I also added a 'u' in 'colour' so it was UK spelling rather than US, I just picked a standard font from my PC that was similar and you wouldn't know the difference would you?!

I then cut it using the default setting for 'Double Sided Adhesive'. Now, to position the whole file onto the white cardstock background, I actually used Transfer Paper. First I peeled the yellow backing off and weeded out all the bits whilst it was still on the mat. I then placed the Transfer Paper over the design and carefully peeled it away. I could then position my design over my white card and get it perfectly in place. Becuase the double sided adhesive is clear, it was hard to see the design through the transfer paper so I got my 4 year old daughter to shine a light for me. This worked brilliantly. I then scraped over the whole thing with the scraper tool and very carefully peeled the Trnasfer Paper away. I then sprinkled Silhouette Glitter over the words. I finished off by mounting it onto foiled background paper  and popping it into the frame.

I had great fun creating this frame for my craft room wall - what will you make?



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