Sunday, 8 May 2016

New Baby Card - Inspired by a Scrapbook Page

I was brousing through the Silhouette Design Store for inspiration as a friend had recently had a baby girl and I needed to make a card.  As soon as I saw the cute baby shoe I knew I had found the perfect shape to use and then remembered I had made a layout about the first time Gracia had put two words together which happened to be 'New Thews'.  At the time she was delighted with her new shoes and I have to say over 20 years later she is still just as thrilled whenever she gets a new pair!

I wanted to translate as much of the 'girlieness' from the layout to the card and so decided to add lots of paper flowers and pearls.

STEP 1 - Making your shoes.

  • As I was going  to use a five inch square card as my base I opened the cutting file and using the Scale option - resized it to 60% of the original size. 

  • I then used Ctrl+Shift G to ungroup the pieces and deleted the double sole and button part of the design. 
  • Next I moved the pieces around so that all the pieces I wanted to cut in the spotty paper were in one place, dragged a box around them all and chose 'Mirror Right' from the Replicate Menu to give me the components for both a left and right shoe. I did the same with the sole of the shoe. 

I used the font 'Moonshine For Lucy' to write Baby Girl and added my flourishes, which I resized to 3 ins and mirrored as above I then moved these and the soles of the shoes to the bottom right of the page.  I was able to cut both the brown and spotty paper at the same time by placing my spot paper at the top and my brown paper at the bottom. 

STEP 2 - Cutting the flowers.

  • I chose the flower shapes I wanted, resized  and arranged them onto my drawing area.  I cut out more than I needed to give myself lots of scope for how I arranged them on my card.  

  • These flowers are really cute as the petals fold up to give them a 3D effect.

STEP 3 - Assembling your card.

  • I covered the front of my card with some pink paper. Glue the top of the shoes to the sole and added the strap and finally make the bows to go on the front.  I added these to my card, slightly overlapping the left shoe over the right.  
  • In the top right corner I added my sentiment and in the top left added a couple of small flourishes and flowers.
  • I then 'went to town' on the florishes and flowers at the bottom. My final job was to add some pearls to the centres of the flowers.
I think you will agree that this is a lovely card for a beautiful baby girl.



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