Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Scrapbook Layout using Printable Silver Foil

Hiya Lovelies, Niki here again today playing with the silver printable foil. I'm very into my foiling (proud owner of a Minc Machine lol) but the printable foil by Silhouette takes things to a whole new level - you can print on it!  This is a very exciting prospect becuase the Silhouette Design Store has a whole load of gorgeous print and cut files, which will be made all the more special if they are printed on foil rather than plain cardstock.

I chose a Print & Cut file from Design Store and opened it up in Silhouette Studio. I changed my mat size to 'letter' so that it was the US size of 8.5" x 11" (which is the size of the foil), re-sized so it was a big as possible, and then I added registration marks. I hit File-Print and printed the design onto the silver foil, that I just put into the paper tray of my printer. The printed design on the foil was flawless. I then popped it on my Silhouette Mat and ran it through the Silhouette machine (I just used the default Printable Foil settings) and it cut it out beautifully.

I did the same thing with 'Love this Dude' and the Stars and cut those out too.

Assembling the layout was the most fun part - I used patterned papers and multiple embellishments to compliment my foiled embellishments which really make the layout shine.

I really enjoyed working with the printable foil - hopefully I'll get some gold soon too!

Happy scrapping xx




  1. Love this, I need to have a go at it! C x

  2. Do you use a laser or inkjet printer Niki? What settings for the printer? The prints I have tried have not been flawless.

  3. I have a laser printer Hilary and I didn't adjust the settings at all other than to change the size of the 'paper' to 8.5"X11" rather than A4. My prints really did come out perfectly, I wonder what's happening with yours?