Monday, 23 May 2016

Shine Bright Lamp with Bright Pink Vinyl


Caroline here again with a tutorial using vinyl, super bright and fun!

You may have already picked up that I love pink, but I'm also keen on a bit of kitsch! So making this was a bit of a dream for me.

I had this glass bowl on a stand and had the plan to pop some fairy lights in it and use it as a lamp.

I've not used vinyl before so was incredibly nervous as had mental throw backs to when I was at school and had to back our exercise books in sticky back plastic and mine were ALWAYS a mess - I could never get it smooth like other people could HA!

So I dug deep and ignored the nag in my head and fell in love with vinyl, add to that the range of colours and I was a giddy kipper. I of course chose the bright pink - heaven!

What you will need...

Some vinyl in one of the amazing colours
Something to attach it too, this could be a picture frame, glass, a mirror would look great, it sticks to doors too! The possibilities are endless.

The how to make it bit...

This is the design I used:

I adore these text cut files, but for this one I only wanted to use the words shine and bright so I did the following:

Once I had opened the design I needed to remove the words I didn't need. To do this click on the whole design then go to object and click ungroup. 

The shape is now all in separate pieces and I am able to select the shapes and delete them. Just click on all the pieces you don't want and delete.

Now we need to regroup the parts we do want! This is especially important as it allows us to move them around the page. I chose to regroup the shine and the bright separately as I wanted to put them side by side. To do this you need to again click on object and then click group.

Before I sent it to cut I needed to measure in inches the size I wanted them so I measured the glass side and I needed to make mine fit within 4 inches. I also wanted to make sure that I only cut the amount of vinyl that I needed so I didn't waste any.

Here is my design ready to cut...

I then cut the vinyl to fit that area on my normal cutting mat...

Just cut to the size you need and you place it on the mat with the backing on and the vinyl face up. Look no waste!
Before you send it to cut change your blade to number two in the machine, then cut on the following settings. This worked perfectly as it just cut the vinyl and not the base layer of backing paper:

It cut like a dream! I pulled off the outer vinyl that I didn't need and then used my silhouette tool to pick out the inner parts to the letters.

I was so worried about picking off the vinyl and then ruining the whole thing but so long as you are careful it was so easy! It's a lot more forgiving than you might think.
I then transferred it by hand and stuck it to the glass and hey presto it worked YAYYYYYYY.


Now for the lights. No dainty, pretty lights for this project oh no! Full on colourtastic carnival lights for me.

Here is a photo of them at night...

Oh I cannot tell you how adorable it is in real life, a splash of colour against my white walls. Shining Bright HA!

So I hope this blog post has shown you that the vinyl is simple, effective and versatile, if I can do it ANYONE can!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, you can find me doing more fun projects and layouts on my blog: tillyandarthur

'Til next time

C x


Light hold cutting mat for Cameo

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