Thursday, 5 May 2016

Silhouette Stamping Starter Kit Introduction

Hello, Bev here with a tutorial on how you can use the Silhouette Stamping Starter Kit to create your very own customised stamps!

What you will need:
  • Silhouette Stamping Starter Kit
  • Silhouette Cameo/Portrait 
  • Card or paper for using your stamps on 
Step One:

You get everything you need to make stamps in the starter kit, which means you can get started right away!  Start by opening up a new page in silhouette studio

 You will need to change your cutting mat to STAMP in the design page settings.

You can then choose a shape from your library and resize it to your needs.  There is a card included in the box which gives you 10 exclusive designs to use and its absolutely free! To redeem this you need to log into your account and go to the My Account section of the store.  Scroll down to REDEEM A PROMOTIONAL DOWNLOAD CARD, and enter the code under the scratch off panel on the back of the card.  These designs will then be available in your library for future use.

I chose the honeycomb design and rezised it to suit my project.

I also selected a today design as I wanted to use this in the future for my to do lists and planner.  I resized these by opening up the scale window and changing the width and height.

Step Two:

The next step after choosing your designs is to ensure that the cut settings are correct and you can do this by clicking on the cut settings icon.  The cut lines will show as thick red lines.

In cut settings, select Stamp material in the drop down menu and it will then advise you of the blade setting needed.  In this case it is 9 (the stamp material is fairly thick)
You will also need to adjust the rollers on your Silhouette machine to accomodate the smaller mat.  You can do this by flipping down the blue lever on the righthand side of the machine and gripping the bar gently, whilst holding the white roller and twisting it off out of the groovess.  It can then be moved along to the next set of grooves and locked into place.  Remember to push the lever back up to secure the bar ready for loading the mat.

The mat comes with a protective white covering and this should be removed before placing your stamp material onto the mat.

Once the mat is loaded you can then send the design to cut.

Step Three:

Your design will then proceed to cut and you can unload it as normal after it has finished.
I peeled back the unused stamp material from the mat and then removed my designs.  Some weeding may be needed, but you should be left with a clean design stamp ready for mounting onto the acrylic block.

Included in the starter kit you are supplied with three different sized acrylic blocks and an ink pad.

Place your design on a flat surface and choose an acrylic block to mount it to.  You can then ink the stamp (either by stamping directly onto the pad, or dab the stamp pad onto the stamp)

This is the best kit for people wanting to create their own stamps, as everything is there for you to get started right away.

I really enjoyed sharing this tutorial with you and can't wait to see what you create with this kit!


Stamping Kit Honeycomb (from Stamping Kit download card)
Today Script Design ID#76309



  1. OMG This is so cool, the kit is now on my wish list :P

  2. This is interesting, thank you. I do have this kit and lots of stamping material but I never use them as I find the quality of the stamped image too low to use for anything. I have tried it with different inks, embossing etc but it always ends up patchy. I have wondered if this would be something the Misti would help with, but I am reluctant to splash out without knowing.

  3. I have the craftrobo silhouette sd which won't adjust the rollers. I bought a stamping kit ages ago but have not got around to trying it out. Will it work on my old but trusty machine?