Sunday, 22 May 2016

Word Art on Printable Cotton Canvas

Hello! Bev here with a tutorial on creating word art and printing it out using Silhouette Printable Canvas.

What you will need:
  • Silhouette Printable Cotton Canvas
  • Silhouette Cameo/Portrait 
  • Printer
  • PC 
Step One:

Start by opening up a new window in your Silhouette Studio.   You can select the size in the page size box of the design page settings.  The canvas is Letter sized which is 8.5 x 11" (it is important to check the size of your material before you start designing, as I had to do some resizing before printing as I didn't double check, oops!)

Step Two:

You will then need to create some text for your word art.  I decided the simplest way of doing this was to create all of my words and change the fonts a little later on.  This ensures that you can fit all of your words onto the art and resize them once the basic design is completed.

You can move the words off of the page to the grey area around the mat.  It is easier to see where certain words will fit better and you can change the fonts to add a different dimension to your design.

I decided to use arrows as addtional artwork and slotted them in where there was room on the page.

Your art will then begin to take shape and this is where you can get very creative and put your own spin on your work.  Choose fonts you love, use bolder fonts for words you want to be more noticable, write little messages that mean something to you.  Really be as creative as you like!

Step Three:

Colour! Another area which is so personal to your own tastes, choose colours that match your decor, wedding colours, favourite colours, anything you love.  Click on each word and change the line colour and fill colour by clicking on the icons.

Changing the direction of the arrows is a very simple task, simply click on to the shape to select it.  Right click and flip horizontally.

As a last minute change on my own design, I changed the font I had used for Edwards and I loved the change instantly.  It really made the name pop which was what I wanted.  I also added the sentence 'our story started here' as a nod to our wedding day.

Next you can send the images to print.  On this occasion I am not cutting any parts of my design, I simply wanted to create some word art that I can print onto the canvas.

Once printed you can choose how you would like it to be displayed.  You can frame it and have it on your mantlepiece, sew it onto a cushion (the backing peels off) or simply leave it unmounted and use some washi tape to pop it on your wall.

I have loved sharing with you and look forward to seeing your own canvas creations!


Thin Arrows Design ID#37815


Courier New
LD Dainty
First Kiss
LW Bunting
SNF Happily Ever After
LW Perfect Type
Aunt Jana Script
Horatio Font
Lovely Script
SNF Classy Charm
Amy La


Light hold cutting mat for Cameo

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