Thursday, 14 July 2016

Finger puppet woodland creatures

Quick finger puppets made on Silhouette Cameo

This is a super easy project from Hilary - perfect for the school holidays! These are Regular Cut files, so the designs are in pieces, which allows you to change the colour of each sub-section. For this project, the main skills needed are Filling a shape with colour, and re-constructing the animals to make one, printable, easily cut piece.

Silhouette Cameo
Cutting mat
Amy Robison files:
Racoon #37335
Deer #37331
Fox #37332
Hedgehog #37333
Skunk #37336

1. Open the first file, select the shapes and un-group.
2. Select an individual shape and fill it with a colour. I used the thumbnails provided by Amy Robison as my colour guide. Repeat for the other pieces. 
3. Start to arrange the pieces to make the animal. Sometimes you will need to rearrange the layering by using Bring to front, or Send to back. You may also need to draw a couple of black filled circles for eyes.

4. Once the body pieces are all correctly placed, select them all, and Group.
5. Whilst selected, go to cut settings and select Cut edge.
6. Do this for each of the other four animals.

7. Draw a rectangle 5.5 cm x 1.5 cm for the band that will go around your finger. For a child the band can be smaller. Colour fill each band to match one of the animals.

8. Switch on Registration marks and arrange all the pieces to be cut, within these marks.
9. Select appropriate cut settings for your weight of card in the software, and alter the depth of the cutting blade to match.
10. Print the shapes onto card. Feed this card into the Silhouette, and cut out the pieces.
11. Glue a band to fit around your finger and attach one animal. Glue from a heat gun works well, but other glues can be used. Repeat this for the other animals.
12. Pop onto your fingers and start making stories!

I love Amy Robison's files, but on another day I hope to make some UK animals such as a rabbit, a squirrel and a badger. It might also be fun to make a card surround like a woodland stage with trees, but for now, the back of a sofa will have to do!



  1. What a fabulous idea - need to make a set of these for my great nephew.