Friday, 8 July 2016

Gorgeous Gold Vinyl

I recently hosted a scrapbooking weekend which included quite a few scrapbooking supplies for each one of my delegates and I needed a way of presenting those products, some 12x12 paper size, and other smaller products such as mixed media mediums and embellishments - these would need to be displayed on the table. I also needed to create place names, so everyone would know where to sit. I had 23 people...lots of work ahead! Of course my Cameo was the way forward.

I bought litle boxes to hold the table embellishments and mediums but I wanted to embellish them to make them a little more fun, so I went for he phrase 'my stuff'. I chose a font from my computer, welded the letters together and cut it out in gold vinyl. I used transfer paper to transfer the vinyl stickers to the boxes - they looked fab! Here they are all packed and ready to go.

For the 12x12 sized papers and other things, I bought black canvas bags but again these needed some decorating. So I bought iron-on adhesive and gold foil. I ran the adhesive through my Cameo, cutting out the 'Shine On' phrase. This had to be a mirror image. I then ironed these onto the bags, placed the foil over the top and re-ironed - these came out amazingly well, I love the quality and the very shiny foil!

And for place names, I decided to make everyone a decorated water pot - I collected used baked bean tin cans for a while (throughly washed them in the dishwasher of course) and painted them all black. I added gold glitter to the bottom and then varnished them so the glitter wouldn't shed everywhere! Once dry I tied some gold bakers twine around them and cut everyone's name from gold vinyl - again I used transfer paper to transfer the sticker from the backing to the tin. These looked so fab and everyone was very impressed with them. In fact some people refused to use them as water pots becuase they thought they were too nice!

Here is my hall all set up ready for everyone to was a great event and everyone loved their decorated goodies.

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