Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Framed Nursery Papercut - Home Decor

Hey there, it's Sara here. Papercutting is what I started to work with when I first bought my Silhouette machine. I love the endless opportunities you can cut paper with this machine! And today I wanted to show you how you can create simple, but gorgeous nursery decoration that you can create for your own child or give as a present. If you haven’t cut paper before, trust me, once youve tried this tutorial, you will wonder why you’ve never cut paper before! Just remember to check your cut settings and do a test cut before hand. Some paper is thicker than others so you might have to adjust your cut settings accordingly.

Supplies needed:
White Cardstock
Colored paper
Silhouette Cameo/Curio/Portrait
LW SUPER FONT Design (ID #80746)

1. Preparing your design:

Once you’ve added the frame design, put your page size to the size of your frame. Mine was A4 size.
Resize your design to fit on the page.

Now that you have your frame ready, you can work on the text. I chose this text:

I loved you yesterday 
I love you still
always have
always will

For how to do the text curved, you can check out a full tutorial created by Nadine here.

1. Draw an arc inside the papercut design.

2. I added all the text, each line in a separate text box.
Using Nadine's instruction I curved my text with the arc. 

3. Create an offset of the arc, about 0.1 cm.

4. Copy the offset design 3 more times. Place your papercut design back and adjust your your arces to fit inside of the design.

5. Place your text and repeat the steps above on all the text. 
Weld the text to the arces. 

6. Weld the arces to your papercut design.

Cut your papercut design using the cardstock settings. As mentioned earlier, there are difference thickness and texture of paper and all this plays apart in how well your cut will be. So make sure to do a test cut and adjust thickness and speed accordingly.  

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I would love to see what nursery art you make with your silhouette!




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