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Cutting Chipboard - Home Decor Wall Arrows

Hello Janet here,

This week I've been playing with the Silhouette chipboard and thought I'd share some tips and an easy  chipboard project.

If you haven't used the silhouette chipboard before you might be surprised! It has a very smooth surface and looks like greyboard but is less fibrous and not as thick. It's very versatile and is fantastic for layering and makes strong and dimensional home decor items.  I'll show you a quick tutorial on how to make this set of arrows and demonstrate how versatile it is by showing you some alternative finishes.

Silhouette CAMEO®
Silhouette Chipboard
Acrylic or spray paint
Decorative papers
Faux Leather Paper (optional)
Liquid Card Adhesive

STEP ONE: Preparing the file

To make this project I used the Arrows file (#53730) designed by Sweet Afton from the Silhouette Design Store. There are many alternatives to choose from, visit the store and you'll be spoilt for choice.

I firstly set the Design Page Settings to 12" x 12" to match the size of the Chipboard sheets.  When you open this file, you'll see that there are 4 arrows. Ungroup them  (Object > Ungroup) and delete the two that you aren't going to use (select, click back space key).

Rotate the remaining arrows (Rotate > Rotate by 90°), enlarging them slightly (Select the 2 arrows, Click and drag the bottom right drag handle) and duplicate them to fill the page (Replicate window > Duplicate below, repeat).

STEP TWO: Cutting

Highlight all the arrows and open the Cut Settings window and select the Chipboard setting.

Now, I'd definitely recommend carrying out a test cut, because I found that the suggested pre-sets were too deep. I was able to reduce both the blade setting and the thickness. Cut 2 sheets of arrows, cutting six of each arrow style.

STEP THREE: Assembly

You should now have 6 of each arrow.  Align and stick each layer together. I favour a wet glue which ensures that the entire flat surface is adhered together. 

STEP FOUR: Decorating

There are several options for decorating the arrows.

1. PAINT. You can paint the arrows once the glue has dried. I spray painted on a couple of light coats of copper metallic spray paint. As an alternative they could be hand painted with a brush and any colour of acrylic paint.  You can leave them there. I love the copper look, but was eager to try out some other  finishes.

2. PAPER. Once the paint is dry there are SO many options. You can cut out extra pairs of arrows from your chosen finish; one pair if you want to cover one side, or two pairs if you want to decorate both.  Then just stick them on over the top. I tried glitter paper, patterned paper and even faux leather paper. Don't forget to change your cut settings!

3. VINYL. For a ultra smooth finish you could use adhesive vinyl. I'd recommend that you adhere the vinyl (matt or shiny) to the chipboard before cutting - no problems with alignment then!

I think my favourite is the patterned paper.  I used a tribal pattern that I'd had in my stash for years - perfect for these arrows and gives them an almost wooden carved look. Finally, I used the faux leather on the reverse for a classy finish.

I hope you try out the chipboard sheets - they have certainly become one of MY staple supplies.

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24 by 12  cutting mat for Cameo

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  1. I really like your arrows Janet and agree with you about the patterned one being the best.