Saturday, 2 July 2016

Magnetic Animal Matching Game

Hello, Karen here - have you tried the Silhouette Printable Magnetic Paper?  It is such a fun product and I have used it to make a simple little magnetic game for a friend's grandson who is just two.

You will need
Silhouette Cameo/Curio/Portrait
Printable Magnetic Paper
PixScan mat if you have one or you can use the registration mark function on your Silhouette

Step One - Making your animals.

  • For this game I used six designs from the same designer and as they were cutting files I needed to convert them into print and cut files.
  • I opened my design and reduced the size in the SCALE menu to 66%

  • Next I ungrouped the design and deleted the blank outline shape.  In the CUT SETTINGS I changed the cut to 'NO CUT'.
  • I then used the FILL COLOUR to colour my design.  

  • I dragged the hair onto the head and dragged the tummy off the body.
  • Next, I selected the tummy and face (not any of the features or the hair) and in CUT SETTINGS changed the cut to 'CUT EDGE'  and grouped the features, hear and head.
  • I wanted a slight white line around my animal's bodies so used the offset option (last button on the menu at the bottom left of your screen, the one with three circles) and changed the offset to 0.5. 
  • I changed the CUT SETTINGS of the offset around the body to CUT Edge and grouped all the body parts.
  • I did this for all six of my animals. 

  • I then printed and cut them out using  a Pixscan mat and the suggested cut settings. 

STEP TWO - Making the cards and box.

  • I then went on to make some magnetic cards with pictures of the completed animals on and their names for comparison when playing the game. 

  • Finally I made a little box to keep all the pieces safe.

I hope little Oscar enjoys his new game as much as I enjoyed designing and making it.


Pixscan cutting mat for Cameo


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