Sunday, 3 July 2016

Creating an Outline Font for your Layouts

There's a few outline fonts going around at the moment and I love them! But I wasn't overly struck on any of the existing fonts so thought I'd have a go at making my own. I really love handwriting fonts but all the outline fonts tend to be block fonts.

I chose a handwriting font: LD Hand-tastic and wrote my word. I enlarged so I had a good clear view of my word.

I then selected the word and went to Object-Offset.

 I used the automatic setting: 0.125 with rounded corners and clicked apply.

Everything was great except for the A. The little triangle in the middle was too small for the 0.125 internal offset and it just have me a little tiny dot. I delected that and moved my triangle so I could see it clearly. I re-selected it and applied an offset - I accidently want for an outline rather than an internal offset, so my triangle was too big..

So I started again but this time selected 'internal offset' and I reduced the size until I had something that looked right. When I was happy I grouped these together and popped them back in my 'A'

I then cut my outline from textured blue cardstock. Unfortunately at this point my computer crashed and I had not saved my file :(  (moral of that story - always save!). I had planned to remove some cut lines and cut my patterned paper too, but it was too difficult to re-create the file to the exact perfect size so I gave up and used a pencil and scissors!

The result is fantastic! I'm so pleased with how this turned out and now I'll be able to create my own outline fonts with whatever font I want!

Designs Used:
LD Hand-tastic Font