Monday, 11 July 2016

Summer Games - snakes and ladders

Hey there, it's Sara here. Summer time means lots of fun and games with the kids. I wanted to make a tutorial for a game that you can play outside, Snakes and ladder drawstring bag that was one of my favorite childhood games.

Supplies needed:

Black heat transfer vinyl
Green heat transfer vinyl
Yellow heat transfer vinyl
Red heat transfer vinyl
Silhoutte Cameo/Portrait/Curio
SNAKE Design (ID #20804)
LADDER Design (ID #3219)
Free file

First layer:

Using the free file designs, create your first layer which will be the colored squares.
Cut your heat transfer vinyl using the correct settings and place the design on your bag.
Use an iron or a heat press to attach the design to the bag.

Second layer:

Use the second layer with black heat transfer vinyl. Cut and heatpress on your bag.

Third layer:

Using the ladder image, do different staircases in different sizes and length. Use heat transfer vinyl in any color you like. Cut your design, position each ladder where you want it to be and heat press your design.

Fourth layer:

Now you add the snakes, I used two different colors and snakes. Resize them so you can place them in different places on your bag and when you are ready, cut and heat press your design on the bag.

All you need now is a die roll and a couple of game pieces. 

A great game to bring with you on summer picnics or long car trips!




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  1. Lovely gift to make for child Sara. Thank you for the free file too!