Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Vellum Home Sweet Home using the Silhouette Curio

Hi! Bev here with a project I made using the Silhouette Curio! It is my first ever time using the Curio and what an experience it was.  I really enjoyed using the machine and managed to create some lovely projects using it.  Here is the first! my home sweet home art using the embossing tool and vellum.

What you will need:
  • A Silhouette Curio
  • Embossing Tool
  • Silhouette Vellum
  • Pretty card stock for backing
Step One
 Open up a new page in your Silhouette studio and in design page settings change the cutting mat to Curio Emboss. It is important to note that the Curio settings will quite possibly be greyed out until you have plugged the machine in.  Then choose a design from your library.  I chose the beautiful Amy Tan Home Sweet Home by American Crafts.  The vellum sheets come in letter size (8.5x11) and my chosen frame was 7x5.  I resized the image to fit.

Step Two

Click on the Emboss icon (which looks like a swirl in the top right hand corner of the window) and it gives you the option to Emboss or De-boss.  Select Emboss and you will be able to choose between fine emboss and wide emboss.  I chose the fine emboss as it worked really well and gave a very clean and crisp end result.

Another difference between the Cameo and the Curio, is that you have the option of using two tools at once!.  This is a brilliant option if your project has more than one process.  For example sketching and embossing, or embossing and cutting. As this was my first project I decided to play it safe and stick to one task at a time.

Step Three

The Curio uses several platforms which are easily stacked and clipped to the large mat.  How many platforms you will need depends on your project, but most call for a stack totaling 5.  The mats are very clearly distinguishable by the numbers on the edge.  I used two of the 2's and one of the 1 numbered. Then your working mat is stacked on top.  I made an executive decision to use a stack totaling 5 as, after some research I felt this would be right for my project.  I decreased the number on the settings.

If you are embossing, the design will be mirrored, so ensure if you are using a two sided card stock for example that the side you wish to display is right side down on the mat.  For vellum it does not matter which way up it is placed.
Ensure that your embossing tool is in the first carrier (the red circled slot) and select your options for the medium you are using. Send to the Curio and once it is finished you can unload the mat and remove your project.

Step Four

I cut the vellum and also some pretty card stock for backing in the frame.

I am so pleased with the final result and after some tiny struggles, found that I really enjoyed using the Curio!

I have really enjoyed sharing with you and look forward to seeing what you create with the Curio machine!

Amy Tan Home Sweet Home by American Crafts



  1. A lovely project Bev. I shall have to try out embossing vellum - I've been meaning to do it for some time.