Sunday, 26 February 2017

Beautiful many Hearts!

Hey Silhouette fans, Niki here with you today with lots of hearts - 288 to be exact :) 

Call me crazy but I have a bit of an obsession with foam pads, and giving my layouts lots of dimension, and therefore if it is possible to sick it on a foam pad, then chances are, it will be on a foam pad! This time however, I have surpassed even myself.

I had a gorgeous piece of Hazelwood paper by 1Canoe2 and throught I'd cut out all these little hearts on my Silhouette. I then peeled the 12x12 sheet off the cutting mat leaving all the litte hearts behind. I layered my paper over a piece of  white card and stuck it in place with some removable tape. I then painstakingly, put each heart back in place, using the 12x12 sheet as a template, but raised each one on a foam pad. Once all 288 were in place, I was able to carefully peel the template off and I was left with a background full of gorgeously pretty hearts, all popping off the page.

The result is a super fun layout, full of dimension!

It did take a while, but not as long as stitching, so that's good enough for me!
Until next time, happy scrapping xx 

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