Saturday, 25 February 2017

Nadine's Farewell and Showcase of Readers' Makes

A round up of Nadine Muir's favourite projects for Silhouette UK showcasing readers' makes from following the tutorials
Hi gang, Nadine here and today is my last post as part of the Silhouette UK Design Team *wipes dewy-eyes*.  What better to bid a fond farewell than a nostalgic round up of my very favourite projects that I've shared over the past twelve months?

I love the wonderful community of Silhouette users we have here in the UK and it's great to learn from each other and share hints, tips and inspirations.  As such I'm especially proud to share with you some of the lovely makes that fellow crafters have made by following some of my tutorials.

How to Design Typography Papercuts and Songbird Bunting Project

Back in May I did a two part tutorial on papercuts - the first was a guide to different methods for designing papercuts with wording and the second one was a step-by-step tutorial for the bunting style papercut that I did for my friend Emily's wedding present.

A two part tutorial on typography papercuts.  First one is a guide to various methods and the second is a step by step tutorial to make bunting style papercuts.  Tutorials by Nadine uir for SIlhouette UK Blog

Readers' Makes 

Check out the gorgeous acrylic heart decorated with vinyl cut crazy fine. Danielle from Designs By Danielle made this for her friend's wedding.

Vinyl decorated acrylic heart made by Designs By Danielle following Nadine Muir's papercut tutorial from Silhouette UK Blog
Courtesy of Danielle Shearer from Designs By Danielle

Crafter Stitch Font

I don't think I would have attempted to make my own font before I started on the Silhouette Design Team and I'm very glad it has challenged me to be experimental and adventurous.  Plus I got to use some of my lovely fabric stash.

The tutorials here are No Sew Fabric Applique with HTV Edging, the Crafter Stitch Embroidery Font and No Sew Appliqué with HTV Embroidery Stitching

Tutorial for No Sew Applique and HTV using Free Crafter Stitch Embroidery Dingbat Font from Silhouette UK Blog by Nadine Muir

Readers' Makes

I originally designed the Crafter Stitch Font for use with HTV, but have used it for other purposes, including the heart frame for the bunting papercut above.  Debora Regent used the font to make these these fab oversized print and cut tags.
Oversized print and cut gift tags made by Debora Regent using Nadine Muir's Crafter Stitch Font for Silhouette UK Blog
Courtesy of Debora Regent via Silhouette UK's Facebook Page

Salt water and Edinburgh Etch

I learnt to salt water etch on a jewellery making course in France and my teacher Karen kindly agreed to for me to share her expertise with you lovely people, she also introduced me to Etching dichroic glass.  I followed up the Salt water etching tutorial with one on an alternative etchant using Ferric Chloride called Edinburgh Etch.  I used the same Edinburgh Etch recipe to etch a stainless steel hipflask for my dad, so focussed that tutorial on general hints and tips for all types of etching.  I finished my series with a tutorial on how to etch sterling silver.

Salt water and ferric chloride Etching tutorials using vinyl resists cut with the Silhouette.  Tutorials by Nadine Muir Silhouette UK Blog

Readers' Makes

Margaret Read from Sleepy Thistle etched these copper cuffs using the Edinburgh Etch recipe, aren't they totally divine?!

Copper etched cuffs by Margaret Read from Sleepy Thistle made using Nadine Muir's Edinburgh Etch tutorial on Silhouette UK Blog
Courtesy of Margaret from Sleepy Thistle

Lesley Graffham salt water etched her music mad daughter a copper guitar pick for her 18th birthday and Dawn Martindale used salt water etching on brass discs to fabulous effect.
Salt water etched copper guitar pick by Lesley Graffham and Brass discs by Dawn Martindale.  Both made using Nadine Muir's etching tutorial for Silhouette UK Blog
Salt water etched copper guitar pick courtesy of Lesley Graffham and brass discs courtesy of Dawn Martindale

Adios and Not Goodbye

This past year has been a blast. I hope you have enjoyed these tutorials as much as I have enjoyed making and sharing them. I would be very excited to hear if you have also made something by following one of my tutorials.  Comment below or better still show us pictures - Facebook is probably easiest the Silhouette UK page is here and my personal blog Facebook page is Craft Chatterbox.

I hope to pop back for the odd guest post and in the meantime you can find me over at  I have a page which lists all my Silhouette UK tutorials and I also have a new blog post up today all about bows which includes a free Silhouette compatible cut file.

Nadine x


  1. So sad to see you go Nadine - I have enjoyed your tutorials...the Edinburgh Etch is next on my list of things to try! Thanks for all your hard work...but will see you in the Strictly from time to time I hope! All the best x

    1. Thanks Thedamester, please do share your etching pictures, I'd love to see them :)

  2. Great tutorials....... well done and thank you Nadine

    1. Thanks to you too, I've loved how interactive you've been with the blog

  3. You have been such an inspiration to me. I have learned so much from your posts. I am sad that you are leaving. I will miss having my coffee while reading your post everyday. Thank you. Thank you Thank you from your USA fan.

    1. Don't worry, there will still be daily posts from the rest of the wonderful gang, plus some exciting new members too! If you do pop by at craftchatterbox, make sure to post a wee comment as I'd love to hear from you :)

  4. It has been such a pleasure to work alongside you on the Silhouette team and you have been so generous with your help and advice and such an inspiration. Your talent knows no bounds both on a technical and on an artistic level. Good luck in whatever adventure you are embarking on next xxx

    1. Right back atcha Karen!! I've made such a lovely group of inspirational and kind friends in the Design Team.