Saturday, 18 February 2017

Experimenting with Stencil Material for Decorating Cakes

Hello, hello Karen here with a different use for the Silhouette Stencil Material.  I wondered if I could use it to make stencils for decorating cupcakes so gave it a try.

You will need:-
Silhouette CAMEO®
Silhouette Stencil Material
Food Colouring
Flat Paint Brush

Step 1 - Designing and cutting the stencils.

  • For my cake stencils I chose some complicated designs and some simple designs.  I set them all into 2in circles and cut from the stencil material according to the instructions on the packaging.

Step 2 - Decorating Your Icing.

  • I used ready to roll icing and rolled it out to abot .25 ins deep.
  • I tried it with the icing still quite soft and found that the stencil material stuck to the icing and pulled parts of it away.
  • I also tried painting through the stencils and this resulted in the food colouring 'bleeding' under the stencil.
  • I found that the perfect solution, for me, was to allow the icing to stiffen up a little and to dust the underside of the stencil with icing sugar.  I then held it firmly in place and 'stippled' the food colouring through with a flat brush.  This seemed to give me perfect patterns on my icing. 
  • Some of the stencils worked better than others and I think it is a matter of trial and error.
  • I am sure that this method could be used on much larger cakes.



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