Tuesday, 28 February 2017

How Many Rolls of Washi Tape Does a Girl Need? (Using some of my many, many rolls of Washi)

Hello, hello, Karen here with a quick idea on how to use up a little of the miles and miles of Washi tape that I own.  I am such a sucker for the stuff and buy loads of rolls and then they just sit in my stash with just an inch or two being used from each roll.

I wanted to at least give the pretense that I have tried to use some (but may have to buy another roll or two to make up for the amount I have used on this project)!

You will need:-

  • Rolls of Washi tape
  • A piece of card (I used 12 x 12 as I wanted to make a layout but you could use smaller for a card)
  • A piece of 12 x 12 black card
  • A piece of 12 x 12 white card
  • Bronze Silhouette sketch pen
  • Silhouette CAMEO®

Step One - Making your Washie sheet.

  • To make my Washie sheet I simply pulled out one of my bags of Washie tape and randomly dipped in and pulled one out.  I then run a length along the top of my piece of card.
  • I continued in this way, unless the pattern on the tape clashed or was too similar to the one before, until I had covered all of my piece of 12 x 12 card. 

STEP 3 - Cutting your background.
  • I chose this cutting file for my background and made the design 11.5 ins square. 

  • I set my cutting depth to 3 and also turned on the double cut option. Once cut I mounted it onto a piece of black card.  I tried it on white first but to be honest it looked awful and I thought I would have to abandon this project but the black saved the day. 

STEP 3 - Completing your layout.
  • This page came together quite quickly once I had decided that I wanted to emphasise the star pattern with a quote about stars.  I found the perfect quote and title and remembered I had the perfect photo of my daughter blowing a 'dandelion clock'  
  • I then decided that I wanted a photo mat as the background was so busy any photograph would get lost on it. 

  • As the background was quite heavily patterned I wanted the title and quote to be quite delicate and so decided to use a sketch pen instead of the blade to create them.  I changed the dot on the i to a star.
  • Before drawing my elements I added an offset to them so I could cut around the pieces once I had written/drawn them.
  • The final step was to add my elements and photograph and as an extra touch of sparkle I added one of the cut out stars to the 'Wish' title. 
I have saved the cut out stars to use another time as they are too pretty to throw away.

And a few close ups of the project. 



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