Sunday, 19 February 2017

I think I'll be a Unicorn when I grow Up...Rearranging cut files

Hey there, Niki here with you today to chat about re-arranging cut files. Just becuase cut files are designed in a particular way, doesn't necessarily mean you have to use them exactly how they were intended :) One of my favourite things to do is completely re-arrange the cut files and make them my own.

Start off by opening your design in the software. The design needs to themn be ungrouped so that all the elements are separate. First of all simply try to select the whole image and then click 'ungroup'. If that works, great! If it doesn't work then try clicking on 'release compound path'. If this works it will ungroup every element, not just the whole words, meaning that even the tiny bits inside 'e's for example will be separate. If this happens you will need to highlight (by dragging a box over) each individual element and click 'group' so that you have individual words that you can move around. 

If releasing the compound path doesn't work, then select the whole design, and click 'make compound path'. Then select the whole design again and click 'release compound path'. NOW all the parts will be separate too, and as mentioned above you will have to go and re-group whole words, for example.

Now that the design is separate and movable, we can start rearranging. The different elements can be re-sized individually and moved around. I played around for a while and eventually settled upon this design for my Unicorn quote:

I cut the design from white cardstock but kept all the little bits left on the mat. I layered my white card onto some brightly coloured patterned paper (Bella Blvd)  and placed the bits back in my letters, and also positioned the white outline unicorn on the tip right of my layout - I literally didn't waste a thing!

I hope you will give customising your cut files a go, it can be quite a lot of fun!

 Designs Used:
I Think I'll be a Unicorn Quote


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