Thursday, 9 February 2017

Twist and Pop Valentine's Day Card

Hello, hello - Karen here with a fun card to send to your squeeze on Valentine's Day.

You will need :-
Two pieces of 12 x 12 white card
sketch pens or coloured pens and a pen holder
scraps of pink and kraft
printer or piece of patterned paper 12 ins x 4ins
gold glitter card.

STEP 1 - making the card base.
  • To make the base of the card I placed the card base and card inside onto my drawing area and added  this design to the front of my card.  I resized it to 3.5 ins wide.
  • As I wanted to use my sketch pens for the design on the front of the card I ungrouped the shape and coloured it in five different colours, grouping each separate colour as I went along.  This than gives me an indication of which sketch pens to use. 

  • I decided that I would cut the hearts out and back them with glitter card.

  • I then used my sketch pens to draw each of the four colours I had chosen. I have just shown the first colour here. 

  • Next choose a suitable printable pattern to print or use patterned paper for the inside of your card. 

STEP 2 - Making the card inside and mechanism

  • Cut this shape from white card.  The designer, Renee Jablow, has kindly included instructions on how to construct the card. 

  • Instead of cutting out the 'Birthday' shapes I cut out a banner, and a pair of arms. 
  • Add these as shown in the photograph below.

  • For a finishing touch I added a belly band to my card with a 3d heart.

Hope you have a go at making one of these cards as they are so much fun.






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