Tuesday, 20 November 2018

You Are So Loved - Every Day - Daily Deals and Weekly Steals

Hello, hello - Karen here with a page I made using one of the Weekly Steals that are available from the Silhouette Design store and I apologise for the bad light photographs.  If you are not aware of these every day there are Daily Deals, Weekly Steals and Last Chance designs which are reduced in price.

I chose this design, which is a weekly steal and decided to supersize it for the title of my scrapbook page and it was only 26p!

I used the one with the label across the 'y' and added You Are So Loved using a sketch pen and Sister's Sketch font.  I then added an offset and changed the internal lines to blue so that all the blue lines would be sketch pen.

I cut this out and set aside whilst I made the rest of my page.

For this I used this sketch border which I repeated around my page.

I then added some journaling using Sisters Sketch font

Once this had been drawn with a silver sketch pen all that was left to do was to add the title and a photo.

This was a very simple layout but very effective using just silver and white.

Over the next few days The Silhouette Design Store is giving away a free design as part of their Black Friday deals.

This is the first one and I would recommend that you look each day to see what others are available.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Silhouette UK | Win A Silhouette Portrait 2

Silhouette UK | Win A Silhouette Portrait 2

- Hello Silhouette UK Blog Followers -

 If you live in the North East of the UK, you may have seen our advert over the weekend for our Silhouette Portrait® 2 Digital Cutting Tool, featuring the lovely Sally from @gettingstuffdoneinheels.

The Silhouette Portrait® 2 is an amazing little machine which enables you to cut, draw and print pretty much anything you like, from gift cards, wall art, clothing and more – it’s the perfect Christmas present!

If you haven’t seen our advert yet, take a sneak peek here: > Watch <

We also have some very exciting news! We are giving away a Silhouette Portrait® 2 to FIVE lucky winners! To enter all you need to do is…

1. Head over to Instagram and follow Sally at @gettingstuffdoneinheels and us at @silhouette_uk
2. Find the competition image on our feed
3. Leave a comment under the image saying why you’d love to win using the hashtag #silhouettewithsally
4. Enter as many times as you like!
5. Winners (YES FIVE MACHINES UP FOR GRABS!) will be announced just after the competition closes on 14th December (winners must confirm their address by 17/12/18 in order to claim their prize)

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE and keep your eyes peeled for our advert running for the next 4 weeks on Sky!

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Sunday's with Steph - Christmas Memory Baubles

Hello Crafters and welcome to this weeks blog post,

I was asked this week by a dear friend of mine to make a Christmas decoration in memory of her dear sweet Gramps that she lost earlier this year.

It was quick and easy to make and I'm sure will adorn her Christmas tree with pride.

So I bought this script https://www.silhouettedesignstore.com/designs/131366?search=grassy+meadow+bold&sortby=relevance&submitted_search=true  and typed out Gramps.

The beauty with our adhesive vinyl is the you do not have to use a mat whilst cutting - I love it!!  I chose to cut it onto this brushed metallic vinyl https://www.graphtecgb.shop/product/silhouette-brushed-metallic-vinyl/  and used the Silhouette transfer tape https://www.graphtecgb.shop/product/silhouette-transfer-tape/ to pick it up direct from the vinyl before sticking it to the bauble.

The last thing I done was remove the top and push in a few white feathers into the bauble from the saying "Feathers appear when angels are near"

I hope you have enjoyed my blog post this week.  If you decide to make anything similar please tag me on Instagram on either stephanielouise123 or sundayswithsteph.

Until next week, happy crafting

Steph  xx

Thursday, 15 November 2018

If you Love Me Let Me Sleep Layout | Niki Rowland

Hey there, Niki here today with this layout about my little baby. I love to document the things my children do and regularlyy look to the Silhouette Design Store for fun ways to document these things. This phrase 'if you love me let me sleep' was great for documenting his sleeping.

It didn't work for me in the original format as I wanted a horizontal design. So I ungrouped the design so the words could be moved around and re-arranged.

I then put some of the words at the top of my layout and then 'let me sleep' at the bottom of the layout. The word 'Sleep' I super-sized. I then sent it to cut but I didn't want to cut the word 'sleep' so in cut settings I simply highlighted the work and selected 'no cut'. This means that the rest of the design cut but not the word 'sleep'

I then wanted to cut the word 'sleep' out of patterned paper so I ran it through my silhouette again, this time selecting 'no cut' for the top words and 'cut' for the word 'sleep'.

I then back filled the letters cut into the white cardstock background and added the words cut from patterned paper. I popped them up on foam pads.

I used a mixture of Maggie Holmes Willow Lane ad Amy Tangerine Shine On for this layout.

I hope you enjoyed my layout - try re-arranging some of your cut files to make them work for you!
Happy scrapping xx

 Designs Used: If you Love me Let me Sleep: Design ID 199285

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Design of the Week - Autumn Word Art - 13th November 2018

Hello, Karen here with my Wednesday DOTW post and this week it's a word art design.

This design could be used for so many different things - home decor, clothing, a card or as I have for the title of a scrapbook page.

I decided that I didn't want any reference to Fall on my page so ungrouped the words and removed 'FALL' and I (heart) Fall.  I then decided to dispence with 'late nights' because to me autumn signifies dark evenings and early nights!

To make the remaining words fit around my design I rearranged them, adding some to the bottom left of my photo and then cut the design from adhesive backed cardstock.  This makes the job of backfilling so much easier when the card is already sticky.

Next I used this file, added an offset and then used three different coloured sketch pens to draw it.

My final, Silhouette, addition to this scrapbook page was to cut two banners of leaves from this design, which I reduced in size.

I then found some stickers and leaves that I had used on a previous page here which went perfectly with all the other elements on this page. 


Sunday, 11 November 2018

Sunday's with Steph - 12 x 12 Scrapbooking layout - Up, Up and away!

Hello Crafters and welcome to this weeks blog post!

So I bought and cut this file a long time ago https://www.silhouettedesignstore.com/designs/229212?search=hot+air+baloon&sortby=relevance&submitted_search=true but then it sat there for ages as I had no idea what to do with it!  So whilst on a crafting retreat I challenged myself to use it one because I loved it so and two because on a recent trip into London I took the perfect photo!

I created the background first I used https://www.silhouettedesignstore.com/designs/76940?search=clouds+paige+taylor+evans&sortby=relevance&submitted_search=true this to create a mask and then used some texture paste and went over the clouds leaving it rough as I wanted then to have texture.  I then started backing the cutfile with lots of different scraps that I had from lots of old collections the clouds were backed with glitter paper to give them an extra sparkle.

I covered the back of the circles with some white net (net is my favourite thing at the moment to add to my scrapbooking layouts) before I added the cutfile to the now dry background I added some blue and silver sequins to look like they were falling from the clouds like rain.  The I used foam raisers on the back of the cutfile before sticking it down.  I felt it needed a little something else so I used the clouds from the waste of the mask that I made, stitched some extra details and then added them to the layout.

I finally added the title Believe in Yesterday, added a few birds and a sunshine embellishment that has been hanging round for like forever and that's it completed!

Thank you for reading my blog post this week, see you next time!

Happy crafting

Steph xx
instagram: stephanielouise123

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Custom Two-Step Cutting - for thicker or coated cardstock

Silhouette Tutorial - Custom 2-step cut settings for thicker or coated cardstock by Janet Packer https://Craftingquine.blogspot.co.uk for SilhouetteUK

Hello, Janet here from the Crafting Quine blog. This week the Silhouette UK Design Team have been experimenting with the Silhouette Chipboard sheets. I have used these sheets a lot and have found that they are fantastic where thicker card is needed, and layer beautifully to make strong embellishments.

One of my favourite Silhouette makes ever are these chipboard arrows. This link to the original post contains lots of information on using the chipboard, and also on different finishes that can be applied to layered chipboard shapes.

Silhouette Tutorial - Custom 2-step cut settings for thicker or coated cardstock by Janet Packer https://Craftingquine.blogspot.co.uk for SilhouetteUK

This time around I did encounter a small problem with cutting the sheets though. My mat was getting a little old and had lost some of it's tack. When I sent it to cut it moved around on the mat, and I had to cancel the cutting operation. Next time around I added some masking tape to the top and bottom of the sheet, and also made and saved a two-step custom cut setting to improve my cut and to help me remember how to cut it on future occasions. The first cut, cuts about half way through the media, and the second follows the first and cuts all the way through. This allows the pressure on the first cut to be lower so movement of the media is less likely, and the second cut ensures that the surface is cut more cleanly. It works for thicker and more difficult to cut materials, and also coated media such as metallic card and specialist printing cardstock.

My project is a set of fairy wings (Lori Whitlock's Butterfly, Design #9794) cut from the Silhouette Chipboard, part of a mixed media project which I've yet to complete. I took a butterfly design, and erased the tail and antennae, and then duplicated it to fit four copies on to the 12" square sheet of chipboard.

Silhouette Tutorial - Custom 2-step cut settings for thicker or coated cardstock by Janet Packer https://Craftingquine.blogspot.co.uk for SilhouetteUK

To prepare the design for cutting it is necessary to have two copies of the design, one exactly on top of the other. To do this use the right mouse click, select Copy, then select Paste in Front.

Silhouette Tutorial - Custom 2-step cut settings for thicker or coated cardstock by Janet Packer https://Craftingquine.blogspot.co.uk for SilhouetteUK

While the new copy is still selected, select a new colour for this one set of lines (Line style panel, Fill Colour tab). If you were to move this new copy away, you'd see that they are two copies, one on top of the other. However, don't move either, or if you do, re-align them (Transform panel, Align tab, click Centre [NOT Centre to Page]). I made the new set purple.

Silhouette Tutorial - Custom 2-step cut settings for thicker or coated cardstock by Janet Packer https://Craftingquine.blogspot.co.uk for SilhouetteUK

When you go to cut the chipboard, select the Cut by Line tab, and you should see both line colours (the new one, and the original red set).

I find that the default force is too high anyway, and reduced it to 29 or 30 anyway. I then created two custom settings. Click here to find out how to save the save the custom settings. I named one Chipboard Step 1 of 2, and Chipboard Step 2 of 2. Drag step one to the top so it cuts first if it isn't there already.

You can see in the pictures below the settings I used for both steps. Your settings may differ depending on the age and use on your mat and blade. Do carry out test cuts to ascertain your perfect setting.

Here are the butterflies that I cut out - ready to layer together to make my fairy wings.

Silhouette Tutorial - Custom 2-step cut settings for thicker or coated cardstock by Janet Packer https://Craftingquine.blogspot.co.uk for SilhouetteUK

I'd love to hear if you find this useful. You can comment below or upload a pic to the Silhouette UK Facebook page. 

Bye for now,

  Crafting Quine BlogInstagram @CraftingQuine