Monday, 16 July 2018

Using Metallic vinyl to add foil decal to cards

Hi everyone. It's Verity here from Pretty Little Button bringing you another project. Today I've created a card using metallic vinyl to add a foil decal. If you love foil but don't have the means to add it to your papercrafts i.e no laser printer, no heat reactive foils, no Curio etc, but wish you could add it, then this is the post for you! There is some great metallic vinyl out there which are easy to cut and have a great shine to them. You probably have several in your stash as we speak. Well, why not add them to your papercraft projects! I went and create a 'Love you' card today, as I had red or green metallic vinyl to choose from. It screamed Christmas at me, but I just can't bring myself round to making anything Christmas related yet, I know many of you already are! So instead I went an made a 'loved' theme card. Yes, Valentine's day is a long way away, but this could be sent at any time of the year to your loved one!

Using Metallic vinyl to add foil decal to cards detail:

To create the stencil, draw a 6.25" square. Next, you need to create an internal offset, this will allow the struts of the stencil to attach to this when we later modify the stencil. 

Following this, you need to draw a thin oblong. You can use the width and heigh measurements boxes to easily alter the size so the oblong measures at 6.125" wide and 0.25 inch tall. 

Using the replicate window, replicate the oblong 11 times. Position, one oblong towards the top of the square, and one towards the bottom of the square. To make sure your oblongs (struts of the stencil) are equally spaced out, highlight all the oblongs so they are selected. Make sure you unselect the squares if they are accidentally highlighted. Next, open the transform window and select vertical spacing. 

To connect the struts to the square to make this a stencil, open the modify window. With all the oblongs and inner square selected (do not select the out square), press the subtract button. 

You struts will have connected and subtracted from the inner square forming the struts of the stencil. Now when this is cut, the inner oblongs will form the open spaces of the stencil. 

This was cut out of the stencil material from Silhouette, I used the settings for stencil material in the programme, however, make sure you do a test cut. These setting worked for my blade and machine this time but your machine could be different, especially your blade so you may need to tweak the settings!

For the vinyl decal, I used a 'Heart' design from the store. I also used another cut file from the store 'Love you' for the sentiment on the card and cut this out 3 times for more depth and dimension. 

To make it easier to work with the vinyl on my card, I first adhered a piece of vinyl large enough for the design, to a piece of white scrap card. I then proceed to cut the hearts out of this vinyl/card piece.  If you decide to do this, don't forget to do a test cut! You have two materials to cut through, so will require for force and a deep blade depth. I happened to have chosen a thick piece of card, and require a very deep blade. But you can easily do this with thinner card, and I would recommend that!

Once I had everything cut out, it was time to assemble the card. I applied grey ink through the stencil onto a white card panel. This was done in a patchy manner as I only wanted this to give texture behind the elements, but no to be the focal point of the card. The hearts were adhered down with glue and before adhering the sentiment down, I covered this in several layers of Platinum embossing powder. This tied in well with the grey of the background but did not detract from the shine of the hearts. 

Finished photos:

If this has inspired you to try this out, please post below. I would love to see it!

Until next time,


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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Sunday's with Steph - The gold rush - Teacher & Teaching Assistant cards

Hello and welcome to this weeks blog!

So it all gets a bit crazy this time of year and a friend of mine asked me to make her a couple of cards for her children's teachers. I showed her what I made and she liked them so much she wanted five more!!!  I told her I'd try my best and my best I tried.

As always I tried to be as economical as possible with the paper that I use so I used both the cut out and the negative from this sweet design:

I used some gold glitter card from American Craft (11 x 4 inches) and stuck the phrase on to this before making a card from textured bazzill basics textured cardstock (12 x 10 inches and folding it in half leaving a card 12 x 5 inches).  I then mounted the glitter card onto the card and that one was

The next one was slightly more complicated.  I cut the card to 12 x 10 inches in size before splattering the front with gold paint and setting to the side to dry.  I then used the negative left, cut it to 11 x 4 and added 3/4 rows of sequins to the bottom of the card then sporadic sequins to the top of the card to give a graduated affect.  Once both pages were dry I stuck them together added foam raisers to the area where the stars were and added the stars that I had not used on the previous cards.

My friend was delighted with the cards and her son actually loved them that much he wanted to keep them all for himself!

I hope you love this weeks blog as much as I loved making them!

See you next time

Steph xx

Friday, 13 July 2018

Print & Cut Magnetic Bookmarks or Page Markers

Print & Cut Magnetic Bookmarks Tutorial by Janet Packer for GraphtecGB/Silhouette UK using Silhouette printable Magnet Sheets. #Bookmark #magnetic #printable #Silhouette

Hello, Janet here with some cute retro bookmarks using the Silhouette Printable Magnetic Paper. These use a Print & Cut design called the 57 T Bird Car Print and Cut Set (#12253) by Samantha Walker.

Print & Cut Magnetic Bookmarks Tutorial by Janet Packer for GraphtecGB/Silhouette UK using Silhouette printable Magnet Sheets. #Bookmark #magnetic #printable #Silhouette

As this magnetic paper is printable it is perfect to use with Print & Cut files from the Silhouette Design store.  To transform the Print & Cut images into bookmarks takes a little manipulation, and I'll explain the steps for you here. The method can be applied to many of the other 8000+ Print & Cut files available in the store.

STEP 1: Set up the Print & Cut Document

In Page Setup change the size to match the magnetic paper size ( i.e. to Letter). I prefer to set the orientation to landscape. Also tick the Show Print Border and Show Cut Border.

From the Registration Marks tab, select Type 1 in the Style dropdown box, I like to increase the thickness to .60 too.

In the Main Menu (top of the page), change the Print Page Setup to Letter size. Now, when you look at the virtual mat, the registration marks are joined by the cut (red) line, and the print (grey) line is visible within the page borders and outside the cut line.

STEP 2: Prepare the Design

Open the design in the same tab and examine the file. When you separate the design from the cut line you'll see that all the cars are in one piece. These will need to be separated in order to use them as bookmarks. For this file, using Ungroup, or Release Compound Path doesn't separate them any further.  There are other ways of doing this, but I like to separate them using the knife tool.

Print & Cut Magnetic Bookmarks Tutorial by Janet Packer for GraphtecGB/Silhouette UK using Silhouette printable Magnet Sheets. #Bookmark #magnetic #printable #Silhouette

In the Design edition of the Silhouette Studio software, there are a selection of knife styles. I selected the Freehand style, and temporarily changed the outline of the bounding box to black. Then I drew lines, crossing the left and right hand edges of the box between the cars to separate them. It is helpful to then select all the cars and change the black line back to clear.

Print & Cut Magnetic Bookmarks Tutorial by Janet Packer for GraphtecGB/Silhouette UK using Silhouette printable Magnet Sheets. #Bookmark #magnetic #printable #Silhouette

STEP 3: Make the Bookmark Shape

Make an offset of one of the existing cut lines (Offset, Distance of 0.125").

Selecting the new offset, open the Modify window and Replicate, Mirror Above. Move the new shape down to slightly overlap the first offset.

Weld both offsets together (select both, right mouse click, select Weld).  Then add a fold line where they join, ensure it is given a different colour and centre it vertically to the entire shape.  Now you can delete the inner cut line and duplicate the new shape to make four outline shapes and place one of the cars on each shape. Select everything (Ctrl A) and increase their size (holding down the shift key to keep the size proportional) and then spread them out a little within the registration lines, cut lines and shading.

Print & Cut Magnetic Bookmarks Tutorial by Janet Packer for GraphtecGB/Silhouette UK using Silhouette printable Magnet Sheets. #Bookmark #magnetic #printable #Silhouette

STEP 4: Print the bookmarks

The magnetic sheets print beautifully on my inkjet printer. They should print well in any inkjet which normally takes thick cardstock. If you don't always get Print & Cut to work well for you, I suggest that you practice both the print and cut stages with a piece of scrap card trimmed to letter size in the same light conditions that you'll use for the final cut.

Ensure that your Page Setup is still set to Letter (grey line should still in the correct position from Step 2) and send your file to print having first increased the Print quality to best. Allow the bookmarks to dry before handling overmuch. Note that if all the line thicknesses are set at minimum or zero, they do not print, and for this project you don't want them to.

Print & Cut Magnetic Bookmarks Tutorial by Janet Packer for GraphtecGB/Silhouette UK using Silhouette printable Magnet Sheets. #Bookmark #magnetic #printable #Silhouette

STEP 5: Cut Settings

Select Send and then Cut by Line. Set the red line to Magnetic Paper Printable, and the fold line to Vinyl Matte (a shallow cut). IMPORTANT: Untick the clear line from around the cars so that it doesn't cut at all. Place the media on the cutting mat printed side up, and feed it into your Silhouette. Carry out a test cut if you haven't cut this media before and adjust the cut settings accordingly, then send the job to cut.

STEP 6: Finishing the Bookmarks

Remove the sheet and bookmarks from the mat and fold the bookmarks along the fold line. Use a paper folder on the reverse of the fold to make a really crisp line.

The bookmarks are now ready to use. If you wish you can add some additional magnetic strip for a 'snappier' closure.

The bookmarks can be used as regular bookmarks, or to mark pages in your planner or journal. Don't feel limited to this design though - there are 8000 more in the store to choose from!

Print & Cut Magnetic Bookmarks Tutorial by Janet Packer for GraphtecGB/Silhouette UK using Silhouette printable Magnet Sheets. #Bookmark #magnetic #printable #Silhouette

Bye for now,

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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Chipboard as acrylic!

Sunny Salutations Silhouette Friends!

Today I bring you a post about Silhouette first time using it and I decided to experiment...

I love the acrylic words that are available, they definitely add something extra to layouts. The difficulty is choice of words/designs and colours...but if I could make them myself using my Cameo I could choose anything!

I decided to cut the word love which is a freebie
and silly taken from this phrase 
along with hearts
using the background heart from this design.

I worked out I needed 6 pieces glued together to create the right depth for each piece, so I glued them in pairs and then joined these all to create one piece

the next  step involved painting in my chosen colour and I decided to go for a metallic gold, once dried covered in glossy accents, which produced a fairly good faux acrylic shape...

I simply added these to my layouts to finish them off...

Although this took a little time I did it whilst watching TV and I love the end result and will definitely be using my silhouette to create these embellishments again.

I hope some of you try this out and share your creations

Ruth xxx