Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Using The New Glyphs Panel in v4.1 (Designer Edition)

Hello, Janet here to share my excitement over the new Glyphs panel in version 4.1 of the Silhouette® Studio software. It makes using adding the extra characters available in some fonts SO much easier. The feature is only available in Designer Edition and above.

Accessing the NEW Glyphs Feature

Open the Glyphs tab by clicking on the Text Style Panel icon and selecting the Glyphs tab.  The panel then displays all the characters available in a particular font. You can even enlarge them for viewing by using the using the slide bar an the bottom of the panel.

Using Glyphs (or any character)

To place a character onto your workspace, just double-click the preview of your chosen character in the glyphs panel. Characters that have been used appear in the 'recently used' section. Double click on any one of these to also place it onto the workspace.

Some fonts include characters known as 'alternates' (alternative forms of a letter) and some include 'dingbats' (or ornaments). Both can be used like other letters so are scalable and contain cut lines. These can be treated in just the same way as ordinary characters when using the glyphs panel.

The panel can be used with fonts purchased from the Silhouette Design Store as well as those purchased elsewhere. Here are some examples of where I found the panel to be especially useful for a selection of store bought fonts:

Using Monogram Fonts

The Silhouette Design Store has a good selection of monogram fonts both plain and fancy.  Using the the glyphs panel makes selecting the characters very much easier.

Tip: For navigating between each typed character, use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.

Using Dingbat Fonts

There are some great dingbat fonts on the Silhouette Design Store and are a really useful source of simple, single colour designs. The fonts from the store are TTF or OTF which means the characters are scalable, even the picture ones, so you can make them as big as you like, giving lots of potential uses for these simple picture elements.

To make them look like the ones in the top row, just fill with black and change the lines to black.

Tip: To remove the wiggly blue line, ungroup and then regroup the group of characters.

Using the replicate function you can quickly make a wreath of leaves and nuts to encircle the squirrel in the LW Autumn Dingbats font (#216208). Drag the centre of rotation towards where you estimate the centre of the wreath should be, then Replicate Panel > Rotate 5 Copies. Keep them as one colour or separate the elements by ungrouping (where possible) and use multiple colours.

You can fill the characters with colours and print to make quick and simple single layer cards and invitations. These images are from the LW Birthday Dingbats (#209615).

Using Fonts with Fancy Glyphs

Did you download the free font, Dreamland Arrows Font by Rivka Williams (#217137), from a few weeks ago?  Displaying the various arrows in the glyphs panel makes them easy to select and mix and match. They can be used without the lettering too - great for wall art. They can be sketched as well as printed or cut.

There are other lovely fonts with fancy extras too, like the Live, Laugh, Love Font by Rivka Wlkins (#203557).  I can never remember which characters to type for the extras, but the glyphs panel takes the guess work away.

Using Fonts with Extra Characters

I can never remember where to locate the ribbon ends for this banner font, LW Bunting (#56458), by Lori Whitlock. Using the glyphs panel is SO much easier! Here I've recoloured some and used the gradient fill on others.

Bonus images images are much easier to find using the Glyphs panel too. Here I've chosen the dinosaurs from ZP Triassic (#135806) and made a design for a quick door sign in moments.

You'll find many more in the store.

If you have the basic version of the software you can still access glyphs with a workaround. Niki has a tutorial on how to access glyphs with the basic edition and Windows software here.

Have fun with this new feature.

Bye for now,

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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Star of the Day: Creating an Open Alpha with a shape too

Hey there, Niki here today with a tutorial how to make the title above. I wanted to create the word 'star' as an open alphabet font that I could backfill but to also replace the A with a star shape, also open-style so it could be filled like the letters.

I started off by typing the word STAR using a font called Playful. It is already an open style alphabet so I didn't need to create offsets - the Silhouette store made it easy for me.

I have several stars in my library but my favourites are within this star background. I ungrouped it and chose a star to use. I deleted the rest of the stars I didn't need.

I positioned my star in place and re-sized.

I then selected the star and created an offset.

Then this next step is very important. I selected both the star and the offset and created a compound path. The reason this is important is, if it were only grouped together it would not weld correctly to the letters either side. Creating the compound path means it will weld correctly with other things.

Once the compound path was made I could then move my other letters into position so they all overlaped and then weld them all together.

Once cut out of white card, I backfilled my letters and my star with different coloured papers. Once my title was finished I then built the rest of my layout around my title.

Thanks so much for joining me and I hope you enjoy making your own titles.

Happy scrapping xx 

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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Kids Craft personalised bookmark

With the start of a new school year, a whole new group of friends could be on the horizon. What better way to forge friendships than an after-school craft party. This little project will not only keep them busy expressing themselves but also gives you the chance to learn everyone's names, (I can never remember anyone's name but I can remember what they made) here's a fun little bookmark project suitable for all ages.

Open silhouette studio and type the intended participants names by clicking on the text tool and then on your virtual page, use your keyboard to add names.
 By opening the text panel you can choose any a font that is installed on your computer, simply select one from the drop-down menu. If you are unsure what your text will look like in a particular font simply type the word and select the word by clicking at one end and dragging the mouse to the other end, the word will become highlighted click on any font type in your menu and the word will change to that font ( you can scroll through all your fonts one by one using the arrow key on your keyboard .   Big blocky fonts work best for this project. I have chosen Accord Heavy SF, bear in mind the age group you are working with when making your choice.

Select a flag type file from your library (lots of different styles are available from the silhouette store if you do not have one). You will need a flag for each name. Resize each of the names to make it fit nicely inside one of the flags.

Arrange the flags and names to make the best use of your media. I am using silhouette chipboard as its sturdy but not too bulky to place inside a book.(ensure your page settings match the size of your media).

 Select some designs from your library or the store to use as embellishments. Resize the designs so they will fit onto the flags. This is done by clicking on one of the boxes in the corner of the design and dragging it inward.
Arrange the embellishments to make the best use of the media.use the rotate button located in the transform panel to rotate you pieces where necessary.
Send the project to your silhouette from the material menu select chipboard and carry out a test cut, adjust the settings if necessary. Click send to cut your project.

Give each child a flag and place all the letters and embellishments in the center of the table with some markers and/or paint, perhaps put out some glitter and gems.
Let the children's creativity flow.
For younger children, this project also works well if the letters and embellishments are cut from silhouette self-adhesive card  weed the unwanted card away leaving only the "stickers"

Designs used:

File: flags
Artist: Silhouette
File: brontosaurus dinosaur set.studio
Artist: Studio Ilustrado
File: car.gst
Artist: Silhouette
File: Heart.gst
Artist: Silhouette
Artist: Silhouette


Light hold cutting mat for Cameo