Sunday, 26 June 2016

Corrugated Card Scrapbook Embellishments

Hey there, Niki here with a scrapbook layout using embellishments made using the adhesive corrugated paper, it is called paper but is much more of a card. This stuff is pretty awesome - it comes in a pack with white and kraft and is a lovely corrugated texture - the waves are close together and are sturdy, they don't loose their shape or get squashed. I chose a set of labels from the Silhouette Design Store and a title and simply selected 'Corrugated paper' from the list of materials in Cut Settings, and sent to Silhouette. It cut perfectly which is impressive given the thick texture of the card and that it's on an adhesive backing!

So with just a few clicks I'd created a number of textured embellishments perfect for me to use on a layout. Here's what I did with them: 

Because the corrugated card is self-adhesive, I stuck most of my embellishments flat onto the page, but I love a bit of dimension so I left the backing on the title and raised it up using sticky foam pads.

Thanks so much for stopping by - make sure you try out the corrugated card, it gives instant dimension to your projects.


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