Monday, 27 June 2016

Clear Stickers for Planners!

Hello, Bev here with another planner/schedule related tutorial using the Silhouette Clear Sticker paper.  I created these sticker sheets using some wonderful planner sticker downloads available in the Silhouette Studio and the clear sheets from Silhouette.

What you will need:
  • Silhouette Cameo/Portrait
  • Silhouette Printable Clear Sticker Paper 
  • Printer 
Step One

Open a fresh page in your silhouette studio and choose registration marks for the cameo and adjust the page settings to the Letter size (the size of the sticker sheets)

Import your chosen designs from the library and in order to make the most of the full sheet I decided to choose two sets and resize them so they could both fit on one page

Once you have your designs arranged, select the printer icon along the top bar.  This will print out your design complete with registration marks and is ready for cutting. 

 Step Two 

For these stickers I wanted to perform two cuts.  The first being a 'kiss cut' around the icons.  This is a cut where you can keep the backing paper intact but the individual stickers can be peeled away from the sheet.  The second cut is what I call the 'outline' cut.  A cut that neatens up the sheet around the edges and saves you cutting the sheet with scissors.  This is great if you want to keep all of your sticker sheets the same size and makes them easier to store and organise.  

You will need to draw a rectangle around the outside of the stickers. Using the rounded edges option gives the final result a clean look. 

 An important thing to remember is that the two types of cut need to be distinguishable by the cameo so choose another colour for the outline boxes.  I chose green, but you could just as easily choose a different colour.

The sticker designs in the Silhouette Studio already have cut lines which is fab as it saves a lot of work tracing and applying cut lines.  When you select the cut option along the top bar you will see which areas are set for the cameo to work its magic on.

Select Advanced in cut settings and you will see there are now two colours in the box.  The red for the regular sticker cuts and the green that I selected for the outline. 

From here you can change the settings for each colour.  If the blade depth you choose is the same for both colours, then you can leave them both checked and they will cut at the same time.  If you need to make a blade adjustment, uncheck one of the colours and select it again when the first job is completed. 

Lets talk settings.  I am used to printing on white sticker paper or self adhesive labels.  The settings on this are pretty straight forward and after some trial and error, you hit upon a setting that is perfect and you rarely change from it.  Clear sticker paper is very different.  It is thicker for a start so adjustments need to be made for this.  I tried all sorts.  I tried test cutting until I hit upon the combination that worked for me on this project.  I cannot stress enough the need for test cutting.  It will save you wasting time and paper.  The settings I eventually used are set out below.

Stickers - blade setting 5 (I know right!!) speed 4 and thickness 25
Outline - blade setting 5, speed 4 and thickness 33

 Once the stickers are cut, you can remove them from the mat and use them on your calendar, diary, planner etc to mark important tasks and to do's.

I have really enjoyed sharing this tutorial with you and look forward to seeing all of your lovely sticker creations! 


Camera Planner Stickers Design ID #121823 by Designs on Cloud 9
Heart Flag Planner Stickers Design ID #121823 by Sweet Elsie


Light hold cutting mat for Cameo


  1. Those are some very pretty stickers Bev. It's great that the Silhouette can cut such small but useable size of stickers. The colours look beautiful, what kind of printer do you use?

  2. Janet thank you I love the colours too! I've just bought the hp envy printer and I love it! The colours are so vibrant. I've wanted to do this tutorial for a while because I love clear sticker paper! And you can use inkjet on this one too which usually you can't. Will be making more soon!! X

  3. love these, they looks like sweeties :)