Monday, 20 June 2016

Vellum Shaker Pocket Layout

Vellum Shaker Pocket Layout

Hiiii today I'm going to be creating this layout...

What you will need:
  • Dimensional foam dots and tape
  • Dry glue ie tape runner
  • Silhouette Vellum
  • Plain Cardstock
  • Patterned Paper
  • Sequins
  • Embellishments
How to make this layout:

Firstly choose a design from the studio, I chose mine to represent the sun and match a photograph I wanted to record...

I opened the file up in the software and knew that I wanted to make the circle in the centre larger, you'll see why later on in the tutorial. So I made sure the whole shape was selected then chose object and ungroup...

The next stage was to make the central circle larger so I selected it and then dragged from the corner point so that it remained the same shape and didn't stretch then placed it back over the design as it is important that it is big enough to cover the inner points of the sun rays as I knew that I would be using dimensional foam and it needed to be hidden and not show through the vellum at a later stage...

Once you have got the right size ( I just eye balled it) then pop the circle to the side of the cutting area.

Next send the remaining design to the silhouette, I used the textured cardstock setting...

This is the shape I was left with, I placed it face down then I used two sheets of the vellum that I slightly overlapped and stuck down using a tape runner. Wet glue is really not an option as it buckles the vellum out of shape! I just use the tape runner around the edges and down the rays as I didn't want it to show through the vellum, don't worry about the centre section where the vellum overlaps as this needs sticking together but it will be covered later by the circle. 

Ok so now for making this a pocket for on the layout. I needed to put dimensional sticky tape all around every shape and down the sun rays as this is where I will put the sequins so no gaps where they can fall out later on!!!. I also added it to the edge of the layout so it would be evenly placed on a backing piece of card, this takes some time and you can see that I used a mixture of squares and long tape, so long as these are the same height it's fina and easier to use the tape on large areas...

I loved this next stage of choosing the sequins and popping them in to the sections. I chose to alternate sections between mixes of pinks/whites in one, then yellow/gold in the next. I used different sizes of sequins too just for some added interest on the page...

Once I was happy with the amount of sequins (I was generous), I took the top layer of the dimensional foam off and then placed over the top of it another sheet of white card...

I set this aside whilst I made the circles for the centre. I went back in to the silhouette software and brought back to the cutting mat the original circle that I had already enlarged and decided I wanted to create two more circles in graduating sizes, to do this I did this by using the edit button, copying the circle and using the edit button I copied it and then pasted it twice, then I clicked on the two circles and reduced their size by selecting the shape and dragging the corner of the box to the desired size. I kept adding them on top of the original circle so that I could see that they looked ok and would nest in each other...

Now I seperated them again so that I could cut them all out on my silhouette. This would look lovely done on different patterned papers but I knew I would be water colouring mine so I just used plain white...

I glued each of the circles together using my tape runner and then straight on to the centre of the front of the layout...

You can see that I destressed and curled up the edges of my circles for more texture and the water colour paint works beautifully on paper that has been bent and manipulated.

Now for just embellishing the page and adding the paint. I added a doily to the centre and then attached my photograph with some more dimensional tape. Popped a title on and then added some more watercolour around the edge of the sun shape - look at those pretty sequins shining through it makes me so happy HA!....

Here is the final layout for you again...

I love the sound the sequins make and tilting it to make them slide around, it's such a delicate yet pretty look.

I hope you've found this useful and thanks for taking the time to read it, please leave a comment as we do love to hear from you!

'Til next time

C x


Products Used:

Light hold cutting mat for Cameo



  1. What a fabulous idea - perfect for using all those sequins and beads everyone has lying around

    1. Thanks Karen, I have wayyyyy too many sequins and need to get a grip! HA! C x