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Cushion cover using the Heat Transfer Starter Kit

Hello! Bev here with a tutorial on how to make a personalised cushion using the heat transfer starter kit.

What you will need:
  • Silhouette heat transfer starter kit
  • Silhouette Cameo/Portrait
  • Fabric for cushion cover
  • Cushion insert
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil for marking/dressmaker chalk
 The starter kit is a fabulous idea for those who want to try heat tranfer material for the first time, as it includes everything you need to get started in the box.  The box includes
  • Heat transfer material in both smooth and flocked 
  • A hook for weeding your designs
  • A card for downloading exclusive shapes from the Silhouette Design store
  • Instructional DVD
  • An ideas booklet to help with inspiration for your projects
 Step One

I wanted to create personalised stars for this project, so I began by opening the text, typing the names and wording I wanted and using a star shape I replicated it to create the 6 I would need.  Resize the wording where required, ensuring all of the text is tucked neatly into the stars and that no text is overhanging.


I purchased the Heart Cloud Drops Design ID #73279 by Sarah Hurley from the design store as I thought it would look perfect as part of my cushion.  I arranged the objects on the page as I wanted them to look on the finished article and adjusted where necessary. 

The next step is to flip the design so the wording will read the correct way when it is transfered onto the fabric.  Select all of the objects and right click. Then select flip horizontally.


Ensure all the cut lines are correct, and all the elements that need to be cut are outlined in red. 

Step Two 

Choose the colours you would like your design to be and prepare your vinyl. I decided to cut all of my elements at the same time and arranged the objects on the screen as I wanted them to be cut from the different colours.  I chose teal for the stars (except the mums star which I picked pink for) Pink for the hearts and I found a grey in my stash for the cloud.  I thought these colours worked really well together.  
Cut the vinyl to the correct size and load it onto the cutting mat. I found it easier revealing the mat to work out how large each piece needed to be.

Load the mat into the Silhouette machine and select vinyl in the cut settings.  Once cut, the lines wll be extremely feint, you may not think it has cut through but always test cut first if you are unsure. 
Once cut, you will need to weed the design.  My design was very small and I would suggest patience and time to ensure you do not accidentally tear any of the vinyl. 

Step Three

The next stage is to transfer your designs to your fabric.  If you have a heat press then that will be very helpful, but you can also use a hot iron with the steam turned off, and an oven proof baking sheet.  This way does take longer but is a good option also.  I had an oops moment when transferring my design and I had a casualty in the form of one of the lines coming off of the clouds.  I decided to adapt the design and leave off the now redundant heart from the cushion.  But luckily that was the only problem I encountered and just serves to prove that everything is adaptable! 

Step Four 

Sewing the cushion cover is next on the to do list and I have kept it very simple.  In fact there is only four lines of simple straight stitch in the entire project! 

Firstly, hem the top and the bottom of the fabric once it has been measured out.  It will depend on which size cushion you have.  Just be sure to allow enough fabric to overlap on the back to create the opening. 

Turn the fabric right side up (the side with your design) and fold the top of the fabric down in place and bring the bottom of the fabric up to meet it.  It will overlap and this will form the opening.  It is important this step is followed as once it is sewn it will be quite tricky to unpick.

Leave an allowance of approximately 2" on either side of the cushion to allow for the depth once the cushion inner is in place.  I marked mine with washi tape to allow my markings to be visible in the pictures, but you can just as easily use tailors chalk. 

Sew up the side seams and cut off any excess fabric running alongside the seams.  This will give your cushion sides a cleaner finish.
Turn the cover inside out and push out the corners.  Your cushion cover is now complete!

Insert your cushion and give yourself a high five! you have completed a beautiful project.

I have really enjoyed sharing with you and can not wait to see what you create with the heat transfer starter kit. 


Font - LW Cutie Pie
Heart Drop Clouds Design ID #73279 by Sarah Hurley
Shooting Star Frame Design ID #36591 by Sarah Hurley


Light hold cutting mat for Cameo

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