Friday, 24 June 2016

Decorative Clay Bowl - using Silhouette Stamp Materials

Hey there, it's Sara here. Today I wanted to show you a tutorial that took me back to my primary school days. Back in Norway we used to have arts and crafts classes and one of the main skills we were learning was how to use clay. I have to admit, I was pretty bad! But still I loved it. So here I am, being brave and all, showing you my clay project. It's not perfect but I am sure if I managed to do this and embrace clay making with the stamp kit, so can you!

Supplies needed:

Air dry clay
Stamp kit
Silhouette Cameo/Curio/Portrait
Drinking straw
Gold paint
Fine sand paper
2 FLOURISHES Design ID #42119
DEW DROP FONT Design (ID #118187|)

1. Preparing your design:

Add one of the flourish design and the letter Z. And do an offset of about 0.04 cm to give them enough thickness.

Once you have the design ready. Set your page settings and cut settings to stamp material. Use the small mat provided with your kit and the stamp material to cut your stamp design. Beverley has done a very good introduction to the stamp kit HERE if you want an introduction to the stamp kit.

Once you've cut the design, add it to the blocks provided with the stamp kit.

Roll out your clay dough and cut out a circle. I used a small plate to get the exact size I wanted.
I chose to stamp the edge of the bowl with the flourish design, adding a little big of pressure to make sure the design gets stamped properly.

Then I stamped the Z letter in the middle.

With a drinking straw I added two holes on the top, so it can be hanged with a ribbon.

Place it inside a bowl so it gets the bowl shape and let it dry over night. 

Once it was dried, I sanded the edges a bit with a fine sand paper to make the edges smoother. 

You can paint your clay bowl or leave it is, I chose to paint the edges gold.
And I also added a ribbon so I could hang it as decor or use it as a jewellery bowl if I want to. 
I had a lot of fun doing this clay bowl, it's not perfect, it has crooked edges and some creases here and there, but it was made with nostalgic love of my arts and crafts lessons. But this project shows you what you can actually make with the stamp kit, imagine the possibilities you can do with a bit of clay and the stamp kit! especially for weddings and Christmas! 





  1. Great idea Sara, I never would have thought I could decorate an air dry clay item using the Silhouette stamp material!

  2. A really Unusual use of stamp material. Very clever!