Thursday, 17 March 2016

Decorative Monogram Plate Using Vinyl

Hello everyone! Sara here, sharing with you a tutorial on how you can make decorative monogram plates. 

Supplies needed:

  • Black vinyl
  • Blue vinyl
  • Transfer tape
  • Silhouette CAMEO
  • Zig Zag border (free from Silhouette library)
  • Yellow Daisy font (ID #106927)
  • Plate

1. Preparing your design:

  • In your library you will find the free zig zag border that comes with the Silhouette programme, choose and duplicate it about nine or ten times below. Group them together so it makes up a chevron pattern.

  • Create a circle using the same measurements as your plate.
  • Place the circle on top of the chevron pattern, line it up so once you crop it, the chevron pattern will look symmetrical. 

  • Select the circle and chevron pattern and crop the design. Now you have the background for the plate ready. 

  • Using the Yellow Daisy font, create your initial. TIP: If you are a mac user you can see all the different styles that comes with the font on Font Book. Choose the style you like, copy and paste it to the Silhouette Programme to replace the basic style of the Yellow Daisy font.

  • Resize your initial to fit in the centre of the plate. 
Now you are ready to cut your designs!

2. Cutting your design:

  • Use the vinyl settings, make sure to test cut first!. I tend to increase the thickness a bit higher than what is set as default, but test cut will tell you if you need to increase or change blade settings. 
  • Cut your pattern and initial, using the transfer paper position your background on the plate. (TIP: make sure your plate is clean, use rubbing alcohol to clean and let dry before using the vinyl). Use your scraper to remove any bubbles, if there are small bubbles left, don't worry they will go away after a couple of days. 
  • Position your initial to the centre and attach to your plate using the scraper to smoothen out any bubbles. 
And you're done! A nice decorative plate ready to be displayed.



Light hold cutting mat for Cameo

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  1. oh my goodness, I so have to have a go at this, it's fabulous!!!!