Sunday, 27 March 2016

Glow in the dark framed quote picture

I have never worked with glow in the dark sticker paper before, but I will most certainly be using it again (and again!)

I decided to use a quote from the silhouette design store, and frame it ready to hang in my little boys bedroom.  He has brought light into our lives, and I wanted to do the same for his bedroom!

Step One 

Firstly, import the design into your silhouette program and re size if necessary.  I adjusted the size to 6 inches by 4 inches as I knew my frame size would house this size design.

The design is ready to be sent to the silhouette machine to be cut.  In cut settings, choose the printable glow in the dark sticker paper - silhouette brand and adjust your blade settings accordingly. 

Step Two

Once your design is cut, it is time to transfer it to whatever you would like to display it on,  I chose a cardstock that would live in the frame.  I carefully took off the uncut sticker paper which left me the complete design on the backing paper.  If you have transfer paper then it is a good idea to use this now to transfer your design on to the cardstock (or whichever meduim you are using)  I didn't have any transfer paper to hand so I carefully used the Silhouette pick me up tool to move each individual letter across.  It took some time and a steady hand but once it was done it was very effective. 
I added the cardstock to the frame and tried to photograph it in the best possible way.  However, due to the absence of darkness when I was taking the picture, I had to do my best Harry Potter impression and squeeze myself into the cupboard under the stairs.

It is going to be a lovely addition to my sons room and I really enjoyed creating it.  I have loved sharing with you and am looking forward to sharing again with you really soon!

Designs Used
Design ID #87207

Tools Used 

Light hold cutting mat for Cameo


  1. Did you have to print the text back to front?

    1. Hi Natasha, I just used the file from the silhouette store and cut straight from that, I didn't actually need to print on the paper for this project (which makes it a lovely super quick project too!)

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