Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Free Design of the Week Project - Cardinal

Hello, hello - Karen here and today I am sharing with you a frame I made using a custom background paper and vinyl.  I must confess, I have never used vinyl before and believe me it cuts like butter and goes onto the glass like a dream.

Supplies needed:
Silhouette Cameo
8in x 10in Frame
Silhouette Vinyl

STEP ONE - Create custom background paper.
  • Open up an A4 page, open the bird design and resize to 1 inch high.
  • Drag your bird to the top left of your page and , in the Replicate window choose Row of Three  and then Row of Four - you should now have a row of seven birds across the top of your page.
  • Next select all of the birds and us the Duplicate Below option 8 times.
  • Drag around alternate rows of birds, go to the Object menu, choose Mirror then choose Flip Horizontally.

  • Drag a box around all of your birds and group them (Ctrl g).
  • Change the line colour to one of your choice. 

  • Change the line width to 1 point.
  • Send to print and trim to fit into your frame.  Adhere a 3 inch square photo to the top right of your backing paper.

STEP TWO - Cutting vinyl and finishing your frame.
  • Open your bird shape and resize to 7.5 inches wide.  Also open the Bird Subway Art and resize to 5 inches wide.  Cut these out from vinyl using the standard Silhouette vinyl cut settings.
  • I adhered the vinyl to the front of the glass to give a little bit of space between the background paper and the design.  In my Silhouette software, I decided where I wanted the shapes to go, made the lines black and 1.0 points, as before, and printed this out.  I then laid the glass from my frame onto this so that I could accurately position my vinyl.

I hope that, if like me, you have never used vinyl before, I have given you an idea and you will give it a go.

Designs used for this project.


  1. Fabulous!! I echo your thoughts Karen, anyone who hasn't yet experimented with a sheet of vinyl I'd recommend it, so much fun :)

  2. I love your idea for the background Karen. I'm just thinking of all the great designs I could use that way to make unique background papers.