Monday, 7 March 2016

Washi Sheets Scrapbook Layout

Hi lovelies, Niki here again with you today. My life changed forever the moment I discovered washi tape...rolls and rolls of pretty patterns that seem to last forever, aren't expensive and are respositionable - could there be a better scrapbooking product out there? Then it started being made in sheets. Silhouette sell a pack of three sheets, all of which have three designs on. This blew my mind as with washi sheets, it is possible to apply washi tape to a layout other than simply in a narrow strip. And with Silhouette washi sheets, the possibilities are endless as any shape your heart desires can be cut with your Silhouette machine.

To use the washi sheets, simply design your on-screen cuts as usual but when selecting cut settings, choose the Washi Sheets setting: 

However, I learned an important lesson when using the washi sheets for the first time - always test your cut settings first. I really dived in with a whole 12x12 sheet design and just used the settings recommended for washi sheets on the Silhouette Cameo machine, but unfortunately it didn't quite cut through and given that the washi is delicate, my design ripped in many places as I was trying to get it off the sheet. I was gutted. My blade is really quite old and I use my machine a lot so the problem was probably my blade, but had I have tested the settings first I would have noticed this issue and either changed my blade or adjusted the cut settings a little. So lesson learned - always test your settings when cutting something a bit different.

But onwards and upwards. I chose a new design consisting of Instagram Photo Frames and postioned them on screen so they would cut out of each of the different colours on one washi sheet. Due to my cut settings problem, I then over compensated and put my cut setting up too high,  which then cut through the entire sheet, backing and all. But that was fine and I was able to peel off the washi from the backing with no trouble.

I arranged my frames onto my layout and very carefully stuck them in place. Thankfully washi tape is re-positionable so any wrong placement can easily be moved. I found the scraper tool to be very helpful when smoothing my washi frames to ensure I had no wrinkles.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you'll give washi sheets a try.

Designs used:
Instagram Photo Frames #47445
Hey You #102991